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Reasons You Should Visit a Urologist as a Woman


Some might incorrectly assume that urologists are just for men, but women often need this type of doctor, too. These dedicated physicians are trained to treat any and all problems associated with the urinary tract. The urinary tract is a system of tubes, organs, and muscles, such as the kidneys or the urethra. Urologists also specialise in the reproductive system of both men and women.


If you are a woman and you are unsure whether you need to seek out the help of a trained urologist, pay close attention to your symptoms and where they originate. There are certain symptoms that are subtler than others, and one symptom on its own may not necessarily point to a serious problem. With that said, you should never dismiss something that is out of the ordinary for your body, and you should seek professional help if you have even a single worry about the health of your urinary tract.

Blood in Urine

An experienced urologist in Singapore can help you with any and all urinary tract issues. When you go use the restroom, you might notice that your urine is dark brown or even red. This is a serious problem and is caused by blood in your urine. This can indicate a number of different maladies, and you need to seek a professional to determine the cause. Once they diagnose your issue, they will commence immediate treatment to stop the problem from exacerbating.

Frequent Urge to Urinate

A frequent and unexplained urge to urinate can mean a number of different things. In many cases, something may be pressing on your bladder or you might have an infection of some kind. A trained urologist will help determine the cause and generate a specific treatment plan. You are the best source of information in these situations, as you are most familiar with how your body functions. If you usually urinate every couple of hours and suddenly find yourself going two or three times during that same time period, there might be an issue you need to address.

Leaking Urine

Incontinence can be caused by many factors in women. If you recently gave birth or are currently in the late stages of a pregnancy, the muscles may be stretched, weakened, or under pressure. Each person’s situation is unique and requires a personalised treatment plan. Urologists can suggest exercises and solutions while working with you to mitigate health issues.

Conditions Commonly Found in Women

Urinary tract infections are particularly common in women, and most will experience a UTI at least once during their lifetime. This infection is developed when bacteria find their way into the urinary tract. You might experience pain or burning when you urinate, or you might exhibit an increased need to urinate, only to find that you have trouble doing so. If you notice these symptoms, visit a urologist right away.

Bladder control problems are also prevalent. Women of all ages can have problems with bladder control, and there are many reasons for such a condition. In fact, women are twice as likely to experience these issues when compared to men. Speak with your urologist as soon as you notice a leak or if you have difficulty controlling your urge to urinate. Whatever your reason to visit might be, a urologist can help you get to the bottom of your problem better and faster than a general practitioner.