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Protecting Your Future Back

When it comes to safeguarding your body from the ravages of time, it’s important to start early. Though younger you certainly has no problem sitting all day, the issues with such confinement begin to show themselves in painful detail as age sets in and the body begins to lose much of its resilience. Don’t let your on-the-job duties result in delayed injuries. Take these steps to guarantee your back’s health no matter your age.

Invention Assistance Human’s are fantastic creatures gifted with the power of invention. Many use this creative talent to help others avoid undue pain, namely at work. Including lumbar pillows, standing desks, the pneumatic lift assist and specialized back braces, any job you work can be made back-friendly. In addition, most companies will be compelled to buy these items for you in order to keep you protected. All it takes is a friendly chat with the employee in charge of ordering, and you’ll soon have what you need to physically protect your spine.

Knowledge is Power Learn about your back. Once you know what causes on-the-job back injuries, you’ll know how to prevent them from ever happening. As it stands, most result from poor lifting technique. Employees try to move around packages that are far too heavy and end up pulling a muscle or crushing a disc. Understand what your back is capable of so you know what activities, however small, require some form of machine assist.


Fitness Fanatic If you’ve taken time to learn about your back already, you know that it hates any added weight for extended periods of time. The same goes for having a few extra pounds on your body. This puts pressure on the discs between your vertebrae, leading to painful pinched nerves. In addition, your spine will begin to buckle under the weight, causing it to curve unnaturally and making it more susceptible to work-related injuries. By keeping fit through exercise, you gain two benefits. The first is the removal of the unwanted weight. The second is the fact that exercise strengthens your back muscles, making it easier for your body to keep you upright without constant pain.

The Power of No Finally, never be afraid to say “no” to a project at work if you fear it will hurt your back. Your coworkers do not know your physical limitations. This makes them poor judges of what you’re safely capable of handling. If a boss or fellow employee tries to get you to help out with a lifting, pushing or pulling project that you feel uncomfortable with, tell them you won’t do it unless you have assistance equipment. Though your coworkers may roll their eyes or even tease you a bit, know that you’ll be laughing years later when they’re suffering from back pain caused by their years of