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Not loosing weight even after exercising?

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There might be a number of reasons why you might what to stop working out for longer period of time which may include injury, it might be the time of delivery. On returning back to your exercise program, you might find that the body feels heavier and bit different and does is not performing as it was before. You will also come to know that you are more prone to strain and injury. The time when you was on break from exercise, your body has gone through many changes. Your lungs might have lost the elasticity and thus it makes it difficult to breathe freely as it was before and thus it may result in side pains. You must have noticed that the blood volume also has been decreased, causing the vessels of your body to become smaller thus they are less efficient in sucking up the oxygen from the blood. This transformation ask your your heart to work harder so that to provide muscles with  required amount of oxygen,and thus you get high heartbeat rate. Follow the tips given below in order to gain back your shape.

group exercise

Consult Your Physician

If you are taking a break from the schedule of your exercise. You will quickly become out of shape, and then returning to fitness back will require much more attention to the overall health of yours. It is really very important in order to speak to the doctor if you are suffering from any type of chronic conditions like heart disease, arthritis or diabetes. Your physician will help you on the ways to exercise and will also provide you the answers to your questions.

Start Slowly

When you are returning back to exercise after a long time, remember that you must start slowly. You  can return to the same exercise that you previously use to, but always try with lower intensity. For example, if you was a runner, and you are returning by making a start with walking followed by a jog or a run. Now suppose if you was a weight trainer, you must initially go with reduced weights to and try around half of the weight that you lifted before the break. Focus on working out to around three times per week and try to keep sessions to around less than 45 minutes for the initial two to four weeks. You must extend your warm-up and cool down process so that to protect the muscles and joints from any type of injury.

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