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Medical Findings on HGH Benefits

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HGH supplements are often under bad light for a number of reasons. Abusive use of these supplements bring them into bad light but contrary to that when used under proper supervision these supplements can be very beneficial. There is extensive research conducted on the effects of HGH pills and other formulation on the human body.

With the aging of body production of natural growth hormones declines drastically. This leads to all sorts of aging problems like dropped energy levels and poor sexual and physical health. The solution to deal with the problem is to boost the levels of growth hormones. Oral HGH supplements like pills and sprays are safe options to boost natural levels of growth hormones in the body without any side effects. HGH pills are now widely used by millions of users all over the world.

The Medical Finding  

The most widely accepted medical finding on effects of HGH is carried out by L Cass Terry, M.D., Ph.D. and Edmund Chein, M.D of the Medical College of Wisconsin and Palm Springs. The study was conducted on 200 adults over the years at Life Extension Institute and the report was published. The findings are as follows.

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Effect on the body strength, fat and endurance:

  • Muscle strength increased by 88%
  • Muscle size increased by 81%
  • Body fat loss improvement by 72%
  • Exercise tolerance improved by 81%
  • Endurance improved by 83%

Effect on hair and skin

  • Skin texture improved by 71%
  • Skin thickness improved by 68%
  • Skin elasticity improved by 71%
  • Wrinkle disappearance was increased by 51%
  • New hair growth increased by 38%

Effect on Resistance, Flexibility and Healing

  • Improved old injuries healing by 55% and other injuries healing by 61%
  • Improved body’s healing capacity by 71%
  • Back flexibility improved by 53%
  • Common illness resistance improved by 73%

Sexual Dysfunction Function Benefits

  • Penile erection duration improved by 62%
  • Sexual potency and frequency improved by 75%
  • Nighttime urination frequency improved by 57%
  • Hot flashes improved by 58%
  • Menstrual cycle regulation improved by 38%

Effects on Psychological Health

  • Energy levels improved by 84%
  • Emotional stability improved by 64%
  • Attitude towards life improved by 78%
  • Memory improved by 62%

The medical proofs of benefits from use of HGH pills are not limited to the ones mentioned here. On regular basis research on effect is taking place and brining in new benefits to our notice.