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Marijuana Strains: The Cannabis Strain Guide to Blue Kush

Blue Kush

Blue Kush is one of the most popular cannabis strains. What makes this strain so special and what are its origins? We explain the origins, high and effects of Blue Kush.

Different marijuana strains provide differing effects to the user. Blue Kush is one of the most popular strains on the market, and it’s known for providing a pungent taste with beneficial effects – especially for people that suffer from depression.

The Origins of Blue Kush

Cannabis sativa is a species of cannabis that has been utilized for medicine, industrial fibers, oil, food and smoking. There are several parts to a sativa plant, and all of these parts are harvested and used differently.

The seeds of a sativa plant are used to make hemp seed oil, while the flowers of the plant have psychoactive chemical compounds.

In general, the cannabis sativa has a higher level of CBD than THC.

Sativa strains provide an uplifting and energetic high. This is the ideal strain for daytime use and has immense pain-relieving properties. Many hybrids will have the potency of sativa while negating the relaxing effects that make people tired and sleepy.

For this reason, most sativa is recommended for daytime use.

Blue Kush

Blue Kush Strain

Every cannabis strain guide will list this strain of cannabis. One of the most popular choices for medicinal use, this strain has the following traits:


A pungent taste much like OG Kush, this strain also mixes in a sweet berry flavor of blueberry. The taste is powerful and also contains hints of berries, lemon and pine to hit all of the user’s senses at once.


Uplifting and a happy feeling are felt after use. Stress and anxiety relief are associated with this strain, and pain relief is also felt. People that have social disorders notice a major improvement when using this strain, and people with ADD also note an improved attention span.

The high produced is very strong for most users and will help alleviate anxiety more than other strains.


In terms of growth, this is an easy plant to grow and maintain. Flowering is typically 60 days and the average yield is high.  The preferred medium of growth is hydroponic systems and methods. A very temperate climate is ideal for this hardy and elegant plant.

Greenhouse growth is also accepted.

Outdoor growth will depend on the climate, but the latest outdoor season will be early October when temperatures start to drop.

Blue Kush is a strain that anyone with anxiety will want to try. Sweet with a blueberry taste and aroma, this strain is one that can be found at nearly every dispensary.