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Laser hair removal – The Benefits and Possible Effects

The process of removing hair using laser technology has both pros and cons. When considering getting the treatment, it is always advisable to understand the benefits and effects of the treatment. By getting this information, you will be able to make decision on whether to continue with the treatment or not. Also, the information will broaden your understanding of laser treatment. As a result, you can learn ways of avoiding unnecessary risks. In this article, we will look at the benefits and effects associated with laser hair removal treatment. In addition, we have covered ways of avoiding the risks involved.

The Benefits

Safe and Effective

Laser is far more effective than other methods of removing hair since it focuses on the follicle. By targeting the roots of the hair, the chances of hair growing again are very minimal. The many tests and experiments done in the last 15 years have proven that laser treatment is safe and effective.

Time saving

First, the laser treatment takes about 20 minutes per session. This is faster than most of the alternative hair removal treatments. Secondly, the procedure prevents hair growth and thus, you will not need future treatments. You can then use that time to do other things.

Cheap in the long run

Although you pay heftily per session, the procedure is cheap in the long run.  Other alternatives may be cheaper, but since you will do them for the rest of your life, the total costs are much more. Once you have used laser to remove your hair, you also eliminate waxing or shaving expenses.

Prevent ingrown hair

Laser treatment method is considered the best when it comes to eliminating hair. Not only does the method eliminate but also prevent hair from further growing.

No need to grow hair before treatments

Finally, in contrast to waxing which you must wait for hair to grow in order to get the treatment, laser can work on shaved hair. Growing your hair pre to treatment can also be time wasting hence using laser tends to be the better option.

Effects of using laser to remove hair

Even though the treatment is safe and risk free there are some effects that you should be aware of. Hence below are some of the effects associated with laser treatment.


If the treatment is not properly executed it can cause burns. Therefore it is better to be treated by a specialist and confirm if you are the right candidate for the procedure.

Changing Skin tone

The color of your skin may change to darker or lighter (hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation) which are caused by stimulation or inhabitation of melanin production.

  Finally you can get few short lived side effects which include:  tingling pain, reddening of the skin, itching and eye irritations.


From the above benefits and effects that are associated with laser hair removal treatment we can conclude that one should follow the instructions before going through with the procedure. Additionally inquire more information from a specialist.

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