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Key Advantages Of Getting Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a big concern shared by a big chunk of our population. Previously dentures were used for replacing a missing tooth. However, it caused tremendous pain and discomfort leading to the popularity of dental implants as an easier and better alternative. All it takes is a single appointment for getting multiple dental implants. Today we are going to take a look at some of the biggest benefits of this cosmetic dental process over peer tooth replacement options:

  • Prevention Of Bone Loss

Teeth loss accelerates the loss of bone mass in our jaw and dental implants can offer an edge over this concern. Our jawbone deteriorates over time following tooth loss since it doesn’t receive any stimulation. Experts can replace the missing roots of your teeth by placing dental implants on the jawbone to prevent further damage.

  • Resembles Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants resemble the natural look and feel of your teeth since they can be customized as per requirements. The dentist will offer adequate help in this process to design implants that ensure a snug fit in the gap and matches the shade of the surrounding teeth. At the end of the process, it becomes practically impossible for anyone to realize that you have implants on your teeth.

  • Makes It Easier To Chew

A titanium screw keeps the dental implants anchored into your jaw by replacing the tooth root. This allows in restoring your normal bite force so that you can enjoy the delicacies once again. The implants do not move or slip while chewing in stark contrast to dentures.

  • Improves Your Facial Appearance

Teeth loss is infamous for causing facial sagging. The jawbone also weakens with time courtesy of the absence of stimulation to the missing teeth’ underlying jawbone. This further disfigures your facial structure in the area surrounding the missing teeth causing an elderly appearance than your real age.

  • Improves Speech Quality

Our speech tends to get impaired when we are missing multiple teeth. Dental implants can close the empty gaps to help you retain your normal speech and previous confidence. Dentures and other alternative tooth replacement options hamper the ability to correctly produce words. But this is not the case with dental implants that both function and feel like natural teeth.

  • Prevents Awkward Slippage

Dentures cause patients to feel self-conscious while laughing, speaking, and eating publicly as they have a tendency of slipping or shifting inside your mouth. Dental implants can save you from embarrassment as they remain firmly anchored to a place like natural teeth.

  • Promotes Oral Health

Empty sockets inside your mouth can increase the chances of bacterial growth and gum ailments. In due course, it can also cause other health concerns like diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. This is why dental implants are suggested for restoring your oral structure and keeping dental problems at bay.

  • Supports Adjacent Teeth

A missing tooth can lead to misalignment of the tooth on both sides of the gap. You can fill in these gaps via dental implants for maintaining an even and straight smile.


Missing teeth can hamper your overall appearance while making it extremely difficult to eat. However, getting a dental implant melbourne can alleviate your dental health and boost up your confidence. The professionals can replace your missing teeth to make them resemble natural ones whether you opt for single or multiple dental implants. While the crowns need to be replaced every 10-12 years, you can enhance the longevity of your implants by following good dental hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing. You should also limit the consumption of junk, chewy, sugary, and hard foods. Tobacco and alcohol usage can dampen the life span of dental implants.

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