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How to Monitor Your Teeth and Gums?

Monitor the appearance of your teeth and gums

Each brushing, you can watch your own teeth and gums. Dental plaque is characterized by the presence of a pasty white deposit on the teeth. It is thicker at the base, near the gums. If this deposit becomes hard under the tongue (calcified), it comes to dental calculus.

In case of gingivitis, the gums, which is normally pink becomes shiny and red, sometimes purplish. It is often swollen and sensitive. It may bleed when you brush your teeth.

If these symptoms are present, it is necessary to consult a dentist. Do not hesitate to report it as a feeling of persistent bad taste in the mouth or a lack of saliva (dry mouth).

How to Monitor His Teeth and Gums

Regular monitoring by your dentist

Even in the absence of symptoms, it is recommended to perform at least once a year an oral assessment by a dental surgeon, which will quickly detect and deal with possible complications.

It is important to inform your dentist of your diabetes because it can take special precautions adapted to each case to make dental care.

If deemed necessary, your dentist may also offer you scaling (preventive care that removes tartar from teeth).