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How to Get Ready for Dental Implant Surgery?

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If you are tired of hiding your teeth when you smile, it’s time to think about a transformation. Your smile is your signature, so you need to keep it as attractive as possible. However, many problems can make you unsatisfied with your smile, making you feel ashamed when you want to laugh. One of the biggest problems you may feel is missing teeth. Smiling is hard if you have lost one or more natural teeth. Therefore, you need to keep looking for a solution to replace your missing teeth in the best way possible. One of the most popular options many choose is a dental implant. According to one of the best dental implant specialists in Vancouver, Dr. Shahdad Ayoughi, these tooth replacement options are considered one of the most important dentistry revolutions as they have the same look and function as your natural teeth. Dental implants are for life, so you don’t need to change or replace them after years if you take good care of them. Nevertheless, many are worried about implant surgery as it’s not as easy as other dental treatments. The surgery you need to undergo in order to get dental implants can be so hard, so you have to be entirely prepared for it. Furthermore, you should know what to do during healing time to get the best results in the end. Here we explain how you can get ready for implant surgery and what to do afterward.

Watch What You Eat: You aren’t allowed to eat crunchy, hard foods after the implant surgery. Such foods can put extra force on your dental implants, making the healing process longer than usual. Implant dentists recommend having soft, cold foods like yogurt or smoothies in your diet if you want to get better sooner.

Ask Your Family Members for Help: It’s not a good idea to do home chores and errands during your healing time. So it’s better to ask a friend or family member to help you after the surgery until you get better. Also, you should take a few days off from your work to have enough rest and sleep after the implant surgery.

Schedule a Comprehensive Oral Exam: It’s essential to get wholly checked before and after the implant surgery. Sometimes you may not be eligible for dental implant surgery due to a variety of reasons like oral health problems, lack of jawbone density, etc. Your dentist can tell you what you need to do after and before the surgery with the help of a comprehensive oral examination.

Wear Loose Clothing: It’s better to wear comfortable clothing the day you have implant surgery. It can help you feel comfortable and relaxed, and it’s easy to change after the implant surgery.

Take Your Medications: Your dentist will prescribe you medications to take after the surgery. These prescribed medications help relieve pain and discomfort and prevent further problems like implant infection. So it’s better to set your alarm to take your prescribed medications on time.

Finally, you should take your life easy for at least a week. You can ask your implant dentist all other questions to have a clear vision of what you will experience.

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