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How to Control Relapse of Alcoholism


Alcoholism can be cured with proper treatment and counselling and the alcohol rehabs certainly make sure to extend the best help to the patients in order to cure them from the condition and to present them with a new life. However, relapse of alcoholism is becoming more and more common with time.

Even after a patient have been to a rehab and have been cured from the addiction, they are again falling for it, and most of the times unwillingly or unknowingly. Relapse of alcoholism can be controlled by understanding the reasons of the relapse and doing the best to keep those reasons away from the person.


The root cause

According to studies, alcohol craving is not the primary reason behind the huge rate of relapse. Instead, it is depression which fuels the relapse. So, one of the first things that is important to take care of to prevent relapse of a patient is to help them to come over their depression. Depression can be closely associated with boredom and guilty feelings, which can be dealt effectively by engaging these people into proper creative activities and helping them to become self-dependent in every aspect of life.

Being in the company of addicts is the other reason that often facilitates relapse of alcohol addiction. So, to control relapse it is necessary that the person does not come to communicate or pass time with other alcoholics, particularly for the next 6 months to one year after completing a rehabilitation program.

How to help

Even after rehabilitation, the person might have difficulties in mixing normally with other people and solving the problems of their life on their own. This span is very critical and it needs continued support from the family in order to help these people get back a normal grip on life.

Violent and uncontrolled behavior is what that pulls even the cured ones often back to addiction, and in order to ensure that there is no relapse, continued counseling even after completion of the rehabilitation program is very important. Relapse of alcoholism can be prevented most effectively by engaging the patients in professions of their choice and by offering complete family support after they have completed the rehabilitation program.

The top notch rehabilitation hospitals like http://resense-la.com also stresses on the importance of continual counseling sessions and community meetings to make sure that there is not a relapse. According to studies, the continued rehabilitation programs have been found to be very effective to prevent relapse.