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How Can A Fractured Tooth Be A Dental Emergency?

Fractured Tooth

It might surprise you to realize how dental emergencies force many people to visit their emergency dentists in unexpected times and situations. Dental emergencies can happen in different ways, but the important thing they have in common is that they must be addressed and treated immediately before causing more severe dental problems. As statistics provided by a dental clinic near Toronto show, the number of people who face sudden emergency dental issues is countless, and these issues may include a severe toothache, uncontrolled bleeding, broken tooth, oral swelling, etc. One typical dental emergency among people that damages their oral health is fractured or broken teeth. Unfortunately, some people don’t take it seriously when they find one of their teeth fractured, unaware that leaving a fractured tooth untreated can have complications like dental infection, tooth discoloration, or even tooth loss. So the necessary thing to do is to pursue emergency dental care with the help of a professional emergency dentist to save your tooth health and prevent more severe consequences. No matter how old you are, your tooth can become fractured due to accidents, sports, infections, specific diseases, etc. Here we explain the information you need when you notice your tooth is chipped or broken so you can take the best actions to keep your smile shiny and gorgeous.

What Are the Causes of a Fractured Tooth?

According to the observation of professional emergency dentists, these are some of the typical causes of chipped teeth:

  • Chewing or biting hard foods
  • Aging
  • Being used to grinding the tooth
  • Physical distress
  • Accidents

The causes of your fractured tooth can help your emergency dentist to have a better diagnosis and perform a more standard treatment.

How Does Your Emergency Dentist Investigate a Fractured Tooth?

Most emergency dentists are professional enough to detect your dental fractures with the help of a visual test. However, in more complicated cases, your emergency dentist may use an x-ray to determine how much your dental pulp is damaged. Another vital sign to notice is inflamed gums which shows your fractured tooth is probably getting infected.

What Are the Standard Procedures to Treat a Fractured Tooth?

Depending on your condition and how severe your problem is, your emergency dentist may use specific approaches to fix your damaged tooth. Furthermore, oral surgery and antibiotics are other options required when your fractured tooth gets infected and needs immediate treatment. Here we list some common procedures that are used in emergency dentistry, such as:

  • Porcelain fillings
  • Cosmetic crowns
  • Medicines
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth extraction

Some emergency dentists may refer their patients to experienced cosmetic dentists for more suitable treatment.

Does dental insurance help patients with dental emergencies?

It’s important to know whether your emergency dentist can communicate with your desired insurance company or not. Many dental insurance companies support dental emergencies, and it’s also essential to understand the terms and conditions of your emergency dentist. However, most dental clinics offer suitable payment plans for patients who can’t afford the cost of treatment at once, so you don’t need to be worried even if any dental insurance services don’t support you.

Remember to learn all points and tips your emergency dentist explains for you to save your teeth’ health and prevent dental emergencies as far as possible.

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