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Factors Affecting The Success Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants

If you have lost one or more of your teeth, using bridges, dentures, and implants can be available options to fill in the gaps and improve your oral function and health. Dental implants are a very effective treatment option to replace damaged or missing teeth compared to all replacement options. No other treatment is equal to an implant in terms of beauty, stability and strength. Although the use of dental implants has become very common these days, evaluating the patient’s risk factors before going through dental implants and treatment plan design is very important. The average success rate of a dental implant is about 95%, but overall their success depends on the place of the missing tooth, your lifestyle, and your level of health. According to a professional dentist offering affordable dental implants in Vaughan, gender, the timing of implantation procedure, implant location, its length and design, and the need for bone grafting are all influential factors at the success rate of this cosmetic dental process. This review aims to assess the patient’s condition to obtain the information necessary for having a successful surgery related to the dental implant.

What Is This Cosmetic Dental Process?

 When it comes to dental implants, it can be said that they are metal pieces surgically inserted into the jawbone and under the gums. As the dental implant attaches to the jawbone, it becomes a solid base for the dental crown. The false tooth placed on the implant base does not vibrate or move in the mouth, and you will not have any problems eating or talking. The stability of this false tooth looks more natural than conventional bridges and dentures.

Advantages & Disadvantages

One of the advantages of this cosmetic dental process is that there is no need to prepare the surrounding teeth; as a result, this process is easy. Besides, as mentioned above, this method looks and functions like natural teeth. Most dental specialists believe that dental implants are not just cosmetic dental treatments since they help the patient with comfortable chewing.

Another good point about this dental method is that there are almost no caring tips with them. You should just care about them as you do to your natural teeth.

When it comes to dental implants, healthy gums and enough bone are required to protect them. And when the process is done, you must carefully protect these structures and take care of their health. Maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist at regular intervals is essential to ensure the health and success of your false tooth.

Another point to consider is that this cosmetic dental procedure is somehow more expensive than other tooth replacement options. And insurance does not cover it. Of course, there are various payment options in most clinics to help patients to be able to afford the costs.

The Final Say

 Although going through dental implants has many advantages, it requires a comprehensive and complete surgical procedure, so it can be said that an implanted tooth is associated with potential risks and side effects. Because an experienced and trained dentist performing dental implants can minimize potential risks, he or she should talk to you about all the possible points and cases before starting surgery, and you should be fully aware of all the issues. Of course, most patients think a little after hearing the implant specialist talk and finally, make their decision and are satisfied with the implant placement.

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