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Healthy Eating For Weight Loss – Five Reasons It Works

The only lasting way to address excess body fat is to start on a regime of healthy eating for weight loss. Trying to lose weight without targeting your health is a waste of your time, effort, not to mention your hard earned cash.

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss


Because if you don’t satisfy your body’s nutritional needs, you will be forever hungry and will be drawn to whatever is available. And the enormous variety of unhealthy food outlets that are available is growing by the day.

Let’s look at some of the popular ways that are being advertised as weight loss plans and why they don’t work.

  1. It’s a common myth that appetite suppressants can lead to getting rid of excess weight. You have a large appetite because your body is desperate for real, nutritious food. Until you supply your body with this, you will continue to have a large appetite.
  2. Another myth is that counting calories can help you lose weight. The calorie content of food has no bearing whatsoever on its nutritional value. This means you are likely to be very hungry permanently. Does that sound healthy?
  3. Another unhealthy concept is that low carbohydrate diets will give you a slim body. These diets can fill you up, giving you the false impression that you are well nourished. Although this can lead to weight loss in the short term, it can also lead to long term health problems.
  4. Low fat diets are considered a great way to lose weight. Although they can be, the majority aren’t, because they don’t focus on what healthy food is. The only consideration is the fat content with no regard to differentiating between the healthy fats and the unhealthy ones. Many healthy fats can help you LOSE weight.
  5. Having a surgically implanted stomach band will definitely restrict your appetite as there is now no physical room for the food. But this is still not addressing the cause of the problem – the lack of nutrition. Those who have these bands fitted have serious health problems, far worse than those caused by the excess weight.