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Guidelines to Utilize Anadrol in Proper Way


Anadrol, a well marketed anabolic steroid is popular to grow muscles, enhance stamina and to increase their inner strength. In scientific terms it is known as Oxymetholone or Anapolon. In just few weeks of its usage fitness seekers are able to gain several pounds of muscle mass.

Usage of Anadrol has proven to be the best and easy way to begin bulking cycle. When stacked with other effective steroid like Anvar, your cutting cycle becomes easier and you are in no risk of falling prey to any side health issues. Proper protein rich food and Anadrol dosages help you to get desired result in first week itself.


The beneficial features:

  • Able to gain lean mass in just few weeks of consuming its dosage.
  • Unwanted fats of body get considerably reduced.
  • Stamina of user’s body gets tremendously increased, helping to do strenuous exercises without any feeling of fatigue.
  • It helps to increase blood cell production.
  • Aids to transport oxygen in muscles.
  • Your appetite gets greatly increased.
  • It has the ability to retain nitrogen and do smooth protein synthesis.
  • You no longer have to worry about occurring of any joint pains while continuing the workouts in gym or in athletic training.

Proper ways to use it:

Like all other potent anabolic steroids, you need to use Anadrol wisely. Its dosage proportion needs to be monitored rightly to escape from its side effects. Its normal dosage level is 50mg per day. By taking the dosage for four weeks you are sure to gain 20Lbs weight. Beginners can have 25m for a week before increasing the dosage quantity.

Lower dosages of Anadrol are used during cutting cycles. Professional users sometimes take 100mg per day for a week before indulging on PCT. This helps in keeping the gained effects for longer time. Maximum period of the steroid is eight weeks, longer than that will surely result in user experiencing serious health issues. It will be beneficial to drink plenty of water during the period of in taking the storage. This helps in smooth function of your liver.

Higher dosages may cause gynecomastia, due to fluctuations in estrogen levels. Some users have even experiences gastro intestinal problems by using it for longer period. The dosage should be used on an empty stomach to get better results.

Before embarking on buying the steroid, make sure that you are having it from reputable steroid vendor.