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Female Hair Loss – A Modern Solution to an Ancient Problem

If you’re thinking that what you are about to read is details of a wonder drug that cures hair loss, I am sorry to disappoint you. Hair loss can be caused by a number of things, and if your hormones become unbalanced, this can result in hair loss. Losing one’s hair can also be a genetic condition, and if a person is affected, there are no known cures for a genetic condition. On the other hand, there are non-invasive solutions that are both safe and practical, and with the assistance of a clinic that specialises in female hair loss, the issue will soon be a thing of the past.

Hair Extensions with a Difference

Modern hair loss solutions include a system that uses human hair extensions that perfectly cover the affected area. A fine mesh is attached to the scalp, and human hair is woven into the mesh, and will blend in perfectly with your existing hair, and furthermore, it will not inhibit the growth of your hair. Hair loss is a huge problem for many women, which has led to the emergence of specialised clinics that offer non-surgical treatments.

A Versatile System

Whether a woman has a small thinned out area they would like to cover, or has just undergone chemotherapy, and requires a full head of hair, there are workable solutions that allow the wearer to lead a perfectly normal life, and the extensions are discreetly attached without using any heat or glue. The application can last up to 3 months, and the same hair can be reused if necessary, which means you can have a permanent solution to a permanent problem. Human hair extensions have long been used to add effect and volume for cosmetic reasons, and with the right clinic, one can hide any amount of hair loss in a very discreet manner.


This is extremely important to anyone, and especially a fashion conscious woman, who relies on her appearance to maintain a positive social image. Hair loss can really have a dramatic psychological effect on a woman, and modern treatments allow her to lead a normal lifestyle without ever worrying about the hair loss.

Online Solutions

Whether you are looking for women’s hair restoration in Manchester or London, a simple online search should reveal the location of a qualified clinic in your area, and by visiting their website, you can learn all about the causes and the treatment options for female hair loss, and you can probably have a free initial consultation to determine the cause and best treatment.

If hair loss is something you suffer from, seek out the advice of an online hair restoration clinic, where you can have your condition diagnosed and an effective treatment will leave you looking great. The treatment is painless and non-invasive, and with careful selection of human hair extensions and some expert styling, your new look will have heads turning.