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Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Experienced During Detox

Drug withdrawal stands for symptoms that your body experiences after you reduce or suddenly stop using drugs or alcohol. The severity of withdrawal symptoms varies depending on the substance involved and duration of addiction. 

Unfortunately, for addicts who attempt to quit drugs and alcohol independently, withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. It is the reason why it is best to get in touch with drug detox Austin in Briarwood’s peaceful location. They can help you right from the detox and provide the facility, care, and guidance you need. To know more check out briarwooddetox.com. 

What your body goes through during drug withdrawal?

Once you start abusing drugs, your body adapts to the state when there is a substance in your system all the time. Now, when you gradually decrease, or abruptly stop taking drugs after consistent use, your body becomes severely ill. There will be several serious symptoms that you will experience as your body tries to adapt to the absence of substance.  

Drug withdrawal is terrifying and painful for most addicts. However, certain detox methods can prevent these symptoms and ensure a comfortable recovery. 

Some of the major substances and their withdrawal symptoms

Heroin and painkiller addiction

The major withdrawal symptom here can be flu that will last for up to 5 days. Certain medications like Methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, are prescribed to control the symptoms. Later, you will have to join a group or individual therapies. 


Just like painkillers and heroin, opioid interacts with dopamine and generates feelings of happiness and euphoria. If an opioid gets used for the long term, the brain will stop producing dopamine, and depend on opioids for these creating these feelings. When you abruptly stop taking opioids, it is natural to experience symptoms like anxiety and depression. 

Prescription drugs like Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, and Sleep Aids

Withdrawal symptoms like seizures and anxiety can last from weeks to months. To control these symptoms and for easy recovery, doctors recommend tapering schedules. In tapering schedules, the patient gets these drugs. It means their dosage gets reduced gradually. The tapering schedule is a part of the detox program in many cases.  

Why checking-in in an in-house patient facility important?

A proper detox can help you control withdrawal symptoms, and reduce risks of developing physical and mental complications. Some withdrawal symptoms like high BP, dehydration, seizures, tremors, etc. can prove to be lethal if the withdrawal takes place in a non-controlled environment. 

On the other hand, when you check-in in a detox center, you receive the necessary supervision and medical attention. Such a setup helps in relieving and reducing withdrawal symptoms. 

Alcohol and drugs like heroin and benzodiazepines are deadly to withdraw from. To ensure, addicts of these drugs don’t die because of overdose or seizures, transferring them to a professional drug detox facility or rehab center is inevitable. 

Lastly, remember that completing a detox program at a facility like Austin detox center is like taking the first step towards sobriety. Customized programs of detox centers are perfectly safe and can reduce your risk of relapse to a great extent. Therefore, once you have decided to become clean, don’t wait any longer and contact a detox facility today.