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Do You Need New Dentures?

Is your old set of dentures ready for replacement? If so, lab technicians can construct new dentures for you in just a matter of minutes. They can do this by taking a copy and manufacturing new dentures from the mould. It does not matter if your dentures are made of metal or acrylic; you can choose bespoke or standard sets based on your budget and preferences.

How a Denture Lab Can Improve Your Smile

By using comprehensive and affordable dental services in Nuneaton, you can enjoy the following denture-related benefits:

  • New dentures can be created from old dentures.
  • Fractured dentures can be repaired easily and conveniently using lab services. The dentures are repaired by using a new acrylic and bonding it to the restoration.
  • Dentures can be shaded to complement the wearer’s colouring or skin tone.
  • Dentures can be polished to get rid of any trace of plaque or tartar.

A More Glistening, Perfect Smile

As you can see, your dentures do not have to look dated, stained, or faded and any defects can be corrected in a short time. You just need to know who to contact for denture-related services. By using the services of a full-service dental lab, you can be assured of a more perfect and gleaming smile.

Premium Mouth Guards

You can also use the services of a full-service denture lab to obtain mouth guards. Mouth guards are used to protect the mouth and teeth during intensive sports or physical activities. Unlike mouth guards bought in a shop, lab-produced mouth guards are easier to wear and less bulky. Use a mouth guard whilst participating in sports such as hockey, boxing, lacrosse, karate, and rugby.