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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – Are They Worth It?


Over the past few years, electronic cigarettes have become very popular. Over the past few years, many people have begun to advertise the harmful effects of cigarettes. Governments have made it a requirement for tobacco companies to highlight the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes. Because of the aggressive marketing and awareness programs, many people have instead opted for electronic cigarettes. One can say that the electronic cigarette industry has greatly benefited from this. Most people simply opt for electronic cigarettes just because they are viewed as a healthier option.

Unfortunately, there are no concrete studies that provide information about whether disposable cigarettes are better than conventional cigarettes. Thanks to a strategic marketing campaign as well as unique product offerings, the e-cig market has grown considerably. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide. They also don’t contain many of the harmful substances found in conventional cigarettes.

However, for a person who has never used an e-cig before, buying the first one can be pretty difficult. Electronic cigarettes are significantly more expensive as compared to conventional cigarettes. A standard e-cig starter kit can retail for anywhere between 30- 50 GBP. On the other hand, you could get a whole pack of cigarettes for less than 10 GBP. So why would you buy something this expensive? The biggest e-cig manufacturers quickly realized that they needed to create a cheaper alternative. That’s why disposable e-cigs were created.


The Starting Point

For any person who wants to start vaping, buying an e-cig is the starting point. They are the most common types of e-cigs available throughout the United Kingdom, and retail at relatively cheap prices. Moreover, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of assembling the filters and the cigarette together. Rather than following a complex guide to putting the cigarette together and fill it with e-liquid, just buy a disposable cigarette.

It doesn’t create any mess at all. Once you are done smoking, you can just throw the cigarette away. For people who want to move away from traditional cigarettes, starting with a good quality e-cig is a great idea. Good quality e-cigs, such as the Nucig disposable electronic cigarettes, are a great option to begin with. While these cigarettes are significantly “cleaner,” they are also slightly more expensive. For people who want to move away from tobacco smokes, buying a disposable e-cig is a great idea.

Why Are They So Popular?

Disposable e-cigs have become tremendously popular in the past few years. There are many reasons for this. For starters, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of putting the e-cig together first. You don’t need to buy a battery mod, nor do you need a separate e-liquid canister. Just take the e-cig out of the pack and start smoking. It lasts significantly longer as compared to a traditional cigarette too. Once the batteries run out, you can just discard the cigarette. For people who don’t want to go through all the hassle, disposable cigarettes are an excellent choice.