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Benefits of doing LASIK surgery in Singapore

You might have heard about LASIK surgery procedures in Singapore in past. Singapore is a fast developing nation with a lot to boast of. Aside from their rich culture, beautiful buildings, interesting cuisine and tourist hotspots, they’re also among the top nations in Asia known for their medical tourism. So what are the benefits of choosing Singapore for your LASIK surgery?

There are a number of topnotch eye surgeons in the country. There are over 50 reputable eye surgeons in the country. For a nation that’s as small as Singapore, you’ll be surprised to note that they have actually produced top grade medical professionals at that volume. Some countries only have a sprinkling of eye surgeons which means you will probably be left with a very limited choice once you’re there. There is also no telling if their advertised “top doctor” is indeed any good. In Singapore, though, especially if you visit the W Eye Clinic, you can be certain that you’re contacting an eye surgeon who has had plenty of success in the procedure.

The clinics are reputable and you will be in safe hands. People are attracted to countries that offer medical tourism, but most of the time they are attracted to the low cost of the procedure. Dr Gerard Nah’s W Eye Lasik Clinic in Singapore offers friendly rates without compromising your health. You will see a clean clinic with complete facilities to match its set of topnotch medical professionals.

You will be assessed well before the procedure. You might notice that some clinicians are just too excited to have the eye surgery done on you that they fail to thoroughly assess you before the procedure. This can be dangerous as the wrong candidate can suffer from eye infection, complete and permanent loss of sight, or an imperfectly corrected set of eyes at the end of the procedure. At W EYE Clinic, the health professionals understand this risk and they also understand the employment risks this might take on their patients. This is why they conduct numerous tests first before the procedure is carried out.

The cost of the LASIK surgery here is reasonable. Compared to other countries like the USA, the cost of surgery in Dr. Gerard Nah’s W Eye Lasik Clinic in Singapore is friendlier. You will find, though, that the medical professionals of the country are just as good, or sometimes even better that the ones in other countries. This is because the government of Singapore provides a lot of support for their medical professionals. They are then encouraged to continue their education, and to carry out their professions in the country without being pulled into overseas work. In some countries, a “brain drain” is happening, and most of the top medical professionals leave the country for better work compensation.

It’s a worthy country to visit. You will probably be in Singapore for a long time if you are having your eye surgery here. This is because of the number of assessments that will be done to see if you’re fit for the procedure. While you’re waiting for the results, you might as well explore Singapore and all it has to offer. It will be a trip that can combine both your health improvement, and your passion for travel.

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