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A different approach in treating conditions of venous insufficiency


We are all concerned about our looks and would not like to compromise on this aspect by any means. So, if you are having  a problem of varicose vein or spider vein , a condition that causes bulging of veins on your legs, the first thing that affects your mind is the ugly looks that you want to get rid of .  You evaluate the problem only from a cosmetic angle but tend to overlook the underlying implications that it can have on your body. Stress is usually given to set the condition right while the right thing would be to undertake a complete evaluation of the problem with respect to its contribution in maintaining the overall cardiovascular health.


Change in outlook

This is the reason why you should reach out for the best cardiologist in Los Angeles for treating any condition or disease related to veins. The cardiologist, who is primarily responsible for heart related problems, can take proper care of the problem that is visible and also unearth unseen problems that contribute to overall cardiovascular health. This means, when you go to a cardiologist for treatment of vein related diseases you are actually entrusting him with treatment of the complete cardiovascular system and not only the problem that afflicts you.

Digging deep

When you report to a cardiologist with varicose vein , spider vein or similar problems , even if you desire to get treated for cosmetic correction only, the doctor will dig deep into the conditions of venous insufficiency to unearth the real cause of the problem and evaluate its impact on your overall health. Although you might feel it like something that could well not be done, there is ample evidence that it is absolutely necessary because your veins constitute the main frame of the cardiovascular system along with arteries and the heart. Any dysfunction of veins can affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system and neglecting it can cost your health dearly.

Focus on circulatory system

A good circulatory system is essential for maintaining good cardiovascular health. In order have a good circulatory system the arteries and veins have to function properly.  The blood vessels in our body are lined with endothelial cells that secrete proteins and hormones essential for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. It has been found that the sympathetic nervous system is activated by poor blood circulation and is responsible for hypertension, myocardial infarction and heart failure. When you are diagnosed with varicose vein or spider vein, the indications are clear that you have problems related to venous insufficiency.  Therefore, there is good reason to investigate what other damages can happen from venous insufficiency and plan the treatment accordingly.

The best cardiologist in Los Angeles becomes the custodian of your cardiovascular system while treating the condition of venous insufficiency keeping in mind the overall impact it will have on the cardiovascular system. All investigations and diagnosis are done accordingly so that you derive the best benefits of cardiovascular treatment in course of correcting the condition of varicose vein, spider vein or allied venous deficiencies.