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5 reasons I got an elliptical trainer

elliptical trainer

Well before I begin I know most pros be it cyclists, triathletes etc. don’t rate the elliptical machine very highly but truth be told it’s not a mediocre cardio machine the gym’s wasting its space on. When used with the right technique and workout it’s time saving, efficient and compared to a treadmill or cycle provides a more effective total body workout.

Are you still hesitant to step on it? Well here are 5 more reasons I love this killer workout equipment that you’re ignoring.

elliptical trainer

It’s easy on the joints

Don’t get me wrong when I say low impact, the workout is equally effective. Long hours and constant workouts on the treadmill or cycle result in knee and joint pains whereas an elliptical machine goes easy on the muscles without compromising workout quality.

Factors such as oxygen consumption, lactic acid generation etc. are very similar on an elliptical machinebut since you strain or exert your muscles less recovery is quicker.

Quick fix for weak quads

As compared to a treadmill walk or run or cycling, muscular activity of various muscles especially the hamstrings and the quads was higher on the elliptical trainer.

It used these muscles more effectively and efficiently thus strengthening them further. To take it up a notch from here try doing the elliptical motion in reverse but ensure you learn the correct form and technique before doing so and if possible get expert help.

Improves cycling and running

An elliptical trainer may not be the idea of a perfect workout for a cyclist or runner but there is no denying it works.  Research has shown that like with the hamstrings and quads the elliptical trainer has similar impact on the glutes and the vastus lateralis (the strongest hip muscle) as well.

So before you go berserk with your training regime or diet plan in order to get faster and efficient consider spending 15-20 minutes on the ever so ignored elliptical trainer.

Better results, same effort

On an elliptical machine to torch more calories you only need to manipulate the stride length but while the extra effort on the treadmill or cycle may result in soreness or pain post workout, on the elliptical trainer you’ll hardly feel the pinch. Not all elliptical trainers come with adjustable stride length so choose wisely. Read all about the features, prices etc. of ­Best Elliptical machine for 2016 before picking one.

Utilizes the upper body muscles

While running and cycling need an equally strong upper body both forms of exercises fail to provide the intense workout it needs. Considering you’re using the right technique to move, grabbing onto the handlebars engages the chest, shoulders and triceps plus going hands free on it will take your core workout to a whole new level and further improve your posture and balance. In this regard even the Model D Rowing machine does a fantastic job.

Needs less spaceand budget

While treadmills or bikes may seem bulky and space consuming, elliptical trainers are low weight, easy to move and need minimal space. In fact some models can even fit into the trunk of your car. Apart from that these equipments won’t burn a hole into your pocket and are worth every cent you’ll spend.