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Why use organic based shampoo and conditioner?

The hair does play an important role in beautifying the face and appearance of the person, be it a woman or man. Having full hair on the head does make the person quite confident and be adored by the others around. But bald people are often ignored by the society and even ridiculed upon. Hence, the hair needs to be well protected and taken proper care of all the time.

Use natural shampoo and conditioner to cleanse the hair

These days, people have realized the benefits that natural products have been offering them. As a matter of fact, natural based shampoo and conditioner products are the latest trend and are in huge demand in the global market. This is because, they are created from organic substances easily available and do not contain harsh chemicals that is otherwise found in abundant in traditional products.

How organic products are different and how it works?

All natural conditioners and shampoos do not use chemicals in them. Rather they are made from natural ingredients like proteins, essential oils, added vitamins and fruit extracts. They are regarded to be highly nutritious ingredients and quite healthy for the hair. SLS is not present in these shampoos, which means, it does not lather up properly. There is no need to worry about not much lather coming up, since it does not mean that it will not clean the hair properly. The hair can be rinsed and it will be appear shiny and clean.

Benefits of natural shampoos

Traditional shampoos are found to reduce significantly the hair follicle size and disrupt oil glands. Its regular usage will only lead to further hair loss and create various types of problems. People these days have become aware about the positive effects brought about by organic hair care items. Hence, people are switching over to healthier and safer options.

What is to be avoided?

When choosing best natural shampoo and conditioner, the following ingredients are to be avoided.

  • Propylene glycol: It is a detergent type that helps to clean ingredients which penetrate the hair. Also it breaks down healthy proteins present in hair and causes irritation in the scalp’s sensitive skin portion. Using organic hair care products, the environment can be protected by allowing bio-degradable substances to wash off.
  • Isopropyl: Petroleum derived substances tend to clear and dissolve oils. It can be found in shellac, wood finish and antifreeze. Alcohol is dry and may cause hair damage.
  • Sulfates: It is considered to be among the strongest of all chemical detergents used and present in kitchen degreasers like dishwasher soap. It is for this reason that traditional shampoo provides that foamy texture, but also causes severe scalp irritation and redness.
  • Formaldehyde: It is a preservative or chemical ingredient to kill bacteria and also called carcinogen. It irritates the eye and the respiratory system, as well as causes severe skin inflammation.

Avoiding the above unwanted ingredients can help the person to be safe and enjoy having lush, clean hair on the hair.

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