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What Are The Various Signs of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Women?

Fatigue is a situation in which a person is tremendously drained and is very low in power. We know how it will be like being weary! The victims suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome are exhausted easily and off course they feel like tired all the time. Weariness, collapse and exhaustion are also the other names for this condition and it is always good to identify the signs of fatigue to prevent this tragic condition.


The causes of this disease are still not found clearly but sources say that the important culprit behind this disease is Epstein-Barr virus which is the virus responsible for mononucleosis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is detected twice or thrice more often in cases of women, than observed in men due to psychological, biological, or social manipulations.

The noticeable chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are headaches of uncommon severity or type, sore throat, terrible muscle pain, not getting invigorating sleep, impairment in terms of concentration abilities or memory, beyond 24 hours of lasting melancholy after exertions, multi joint aches without redness or swellings and some other persistent features. Only if the symptoms have carried on or have reappeared for consecutive months, can they be considered as proper symptoms of CFS.

Proper diagnosis at the right time and then having healthy food and adequate rest helps a lot in dealing CFS in women. Exercising regularly to keep the body and mind fresh, regulating the schedules for every activity, and trying not to let the depressive fatigue take over the healthy side of a body, also help in dealing strongly with the chronic fatigue syndrome. Here are few of the signs of fatigue to be observed:

  • Experiencing pain and weakness in the muscles
  • No proper sleep in the nights and sweating
  • disorder in the mental functions
  • Having headache and experiencing the gloominess
  • Allergic reaction
  • Pain in the throat
  • Nervousness and Giddiness
  • Having problem in the eye sight
  • Having pain in the bone joints and lymph nodes
  • Eyes and mouth getting dried
  • Stomach upset and diarrhea
  • Experiencing continuous Cough and decreased appetite
  • Whole body becomes rigid
  • Menstruation problems for women
  • Feeling Nausea and light fever
  • Finding difficulty in thinking
  • Unable to concentrate and having short term memory
  • Finding difficulties with differentiating words
  • Inability to plan and organize the ideas and thoughts
  • Finding very difficult to process the information acquired

There may be other associated signs of fatigue depending on various reasons:

  • People who have lung and heart disease may criticize the shortness of breath and getting weary easily even after doing the normal activity.
  • Those who have with polygenic disorder may complain of surplus urination, surplus thirst, or problems of vision.
  • People who have gland disease will have the sensation of cold, skin with lack of moisture and breakable hair.
  • Individuals who have fatigue will feel sleepy and dilapidated. This sensation is stronger than the usual tiredness that occurs when the body wants to relax.

The sleepiness that follows fatigue may block the movements of the whole body. And if the people left untreated, it can cause absentmindedness and a lack of mental clarity. It is therefore important for anyone suffering from the problem, to get the right treatment as soon as possible which will help them enhance the overall wellbeing.

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Judith Cheryl
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