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Weight Loss Benefits to Achieve with Intragastric Balloon

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There are various invasive and noninvasive bariatric procedures available that help you to achieve the desired weight loss and tummy reduction results instantly. One of the recently invented procedures is the implantation of a gastric balloon, which is also known as belly balloon or intragastric balloon.

Belly balloon is a noninvasive procedure in which a soft balloon is inserted into the abdominal cavity through mouth with the help of an endoscope. The balloon is filled with saline solution, which in turn fills the stomach and leave only lesser space to accommodate food and liquid intake. The temporary insertion of gastric balloon can be removed after six months once the desired weight loss goals are achieved.

The effects of belly balloon

As the gastric balloon is left in place, it creates less craving for food and prolonged feeling of fullness in between meals. Now, the two major balloons used for intragastric ballooning are Orbera™ and ReShape™, which are approved by the medical council of US. Let us further explore the procedure and the effects of it.

How do these balloons work?

Gastric balloons are soft and expandable devices and while the ballooning procedure is administered properly by an expert physician, a six-month kickstart to natural weight loss goals can be easily achieved. As per the trials, patients have lost up to 70 lbs. of extra weight. Belly balloon is ideal for those who are having a fear for surgery and also for those who are fed up of diets, exercising, and pills. However, expert advice and careful evaluation is needed before choosing this procedure.

The balloon is inserted in a deflated manner and then inflated by filling sterile saline solution and locked with a self-sealing valve. The amount of filling and space to be left will be custom defined based on the patient’s nutritional needs and weight loss goals. The balloon will remain in place for maximum of six months period. The weight loss results of intragastric ballooning may vary from person to person, but there is no need for any hard lifestyle changes or restrictions during this time.

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The significant advantages of this non-surgical procedure are;

  • Most ideal for people with a BMI in the range of 30-40
  • Gastric balloon candidates can lose up to 25 to 40 lbs at a minimum
  • Orbera™ and ReShape™ and clinically proven and widely used gastric balloons in the market today
  • The treatment is clinically accepted and is in practice at Australia, Europe, Asia and South America too
  • The device inserted will not change the patient’s anatomy

The gastric balloon patients will be well assisted by dieticians, nurses, and doctors to maintain a healthy diet and adequate exercise for post-treatment period. However, you can live a very normal life even when the balloon is left inside your stomach.

Dual balloon

Dual ballooning is the latest invention in intragastric balloon procedure. For better weight loss goals, dual balloons are filled with 900 cc of saline evenly distributed whereas the typical single balloon capacity is around 400-600 cc. This dual balloon method helps to keep the stomach in normal shape itself without over-distending. Dual balloon system is designed to conform more effectively to the natural curvature of the stomach, which ensures improved tolerability. Dual balloon process also reduces risks for migration or overt obstruction.

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