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This Is Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is Life-changing for Some People

For many people around the country, the state of their oral health and smile is something that embarrasses them. Missing or broken teeth, gaps, and stained teeth are often the cause of anxiety issues for many people and make them feel as though they cannot socialise with others for fear of being ridiculed. The good news is that people in this position do not have to suffer any longer in silence.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

As the name suggests, cosmetic dentistry in Berkshire deals with the cosmetic aspects of dental procedures. Typically, this includes the following services:

  • Teeth whitening: There are many reasons why someone might have teeth that are not white. Hereditary factors can play a role, as can certain illnesses. It is also possible to have patchy or stained teeth due to a lot of caffeine consumption or smoking. In any case, our smiles are essential to the way that we interact with each other, and a smile that is stained can be embarrassing for someone. The teeth-whitening procedure has improved dramatically over the years, and it is now a rapid system that is entirely streamlined and pain-free.
  • Implants, bridges, and crowns: There may be any number of reason why someone might have missing or damaged teeth, including but not limited to sports injuries, accidents, and oral health. Missing teeth can have a severe impact on the way that a person lives their life. Their quality of life is often overshadowed because they have lost or damaged teeth. This can cause social anxiety and even depression.

Are Implants Right for You?

When it comes to missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are often seen as the premiere fix. During this procedure, a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw, and then a custom designed tooth mould is screwed onto it. The tooth looks completely natural, and the dentist ensures that the colour matches the other teeth as closely as possible.

Dental implants are great because they are strong and durable. When well-maintained, they can last a lifetime of use. They are also more expensive than either crowns or bridges, so the cost of the procedure must be weighed up carefully against the other options.

In many cases, crowns, bridges, and denture will suffice, and many people choose them as a temporary option due to cost considerations. The critical thing to remember is that while there are cost differences between each option, each of them results in natural-looking teeth and a smile that is natural.

Indeed, this is the point of all of these procedures. Why should you suffer in silence, avoiding social situations, just because you have missing, stained, or damaged teeth? There are many options available at different price points for fixing your smile and restoring some lost confidence. Surely, this alone is reason enough to investigate what a dentist can offer. Once you have repaired your teeth you can take a look at the nhs.uk website to find out how to take excellent care of them.

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