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The Essential Purpose of Root Canal Therapy

Canal Therapy

Everyone who visits emergency dentists while they suffer from unbearable dental pain should be accurately checked to diagnose the main source of the pain. In some severe cases where dedicated emergency dentists discover the soft tissue inside the teeth, which is called the pulp, is infected or severely damaged, they surely recommend root canal therapy as the best solution to preserve your affected teeth. Based on the opinion of a certified endodontist in North York, there are several reasons why you require root canal therapy, like deep dental decay, dental cracks and fractures and repeated several dental processes on a specific tooth. By reading this useful essay, you will learn all essential points about this exceptional process, as well as the minor risk factors involve.

When Is Root Canal Therapy the Best Available Solution?

According to experienced and dedicated dental experts, root canal therapy can potentially eliminate your dental pain by completely removing the source of your irritation. As mentioned above, our natural teeth include several essential parts, such as the pulps, which accurately sit inside them. Several reasons may affect this important part and lead to a large amount of pain. In these cases, professionally-trained dentists who are equipped with a lot of high-tech tools will start the process by making a small hole on the surface of the affected tooth to access the infected site. When they ensure all injured, and dead pulp is completely removed, essential materials are used to properly seal the site and prevent the risk of reinfection.

Unfortunately, most people prefer to get their affected teeth extracted rather than solve the issue with root canal therapy because they think this process will cause a lot of pain during and after the procedure. This strong belief is completely wrong because the whole process will be performed when the patients are under local anesthesia, and since the source of your pain will be successfully removed during this beneficial treatment, you won’t feel any pain whenever the anesthesia fades away. The most important point that should be noted is that in some cases, professional dentists will prescribe their valued patients some doses of antibiotics to make sure the risk of reinfection won’t threaten their oral health. Don’t forget to take your medication promptly.

Normally you may feel sore right after the process is completed; you can use home remedies to control your pain. For example, rinsing the mouth with warm water can significantly decrease your pain. Also, you are allowed to take some over-the-counter drugs to manage your discomfort, but you should keep in mind to immediately all your professional healthcare providers if your pain consists for several hours.

Although you can resume your regular diet a day after the procedure, avoiding chewing hard things like apples, carrots or nuts is recommended for a few days. In addition, visiting your dentists regularly a few days after the completion of root canal therapy is necessary because they should check your teeth and mouth by taking x-rays to ensure all infected sites are completely removed.

Risk Factors

As mentioned above, root canal therapy is the best replacement for tooth extraction; in some severe cases, that infection reaches the deepest parts of your teeth, or your teeth’ enamels are too fragile to withstand root canal therapy, and your affected teeth cannot be preserved.

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