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Telemedicine Or In-Person Visits- Which One Should You Choose?


Gone are the days when you had to visit the doctor’s office for regular checkups and treatments. Technology has advanced so much that you can get all of these in the comfort of your home. Doctors are accessible online, which has facilitated people from all over the globe. You can fix up an appointment if you are traveling or cannot come to the doctor’s office. It is possible because a Telemedicine Doctor can help you via phone and video calls. You must learn when you must opt for this way to get the treatment.

Infections are the concern

If you are more concerned about getting infections, you should avoid visiting clinics and hospitals because you can easily catch infections at these places. If you have ailing parents, a pregnant spouse and sick children, you can make an online appointment and consult a telemedicine doctor. All of these conditions can get worse if they get infections by visiting these places.

Patients with conditions like paralysis and coma

If you have a patient at home suffering from medical conditions like paralysis and coma, you can make an appointment via phone or video calls. However, you should do that if the condition is stable and there is no need for emergency treatment. It may be a tedious task for you and the patient to visit the hospital in these conditions. For regular checkups, you should consider a telemedicine doctor. If the condition of the patient deteriorates, you must contact an ambulance and take him or her to the nearby hospital.

You want to save money on transportation

In case, you are staying in a different city and the specialist is available in the different one, you should opt for a telemedicine doctor. You might need an opinion on your illness from your city. In many cases, doctors may ask you to send the medical reports and get further tests done. If they find something suspicious, they may call you upon or refer you to a good doctor in your city. This way, you will be able to save a good amount of money.

You are traveling

You might have a health issue when you are on the go. With the help of telemedicine, you can reach out to your family doctor and get assistance.

It all depends on your medical condition, personal choice and requirements, and which option you, want to choose. You will get medical attention well on time.

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