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Taking stock of your PH values during pregnancy

Pregnancy is bliss where you bring a baby on to the world. There is an instinct desire to upkeep well-being of a baby. A question that might strike you what is a normal Ph during pregnancy? For health of a baby consumption of alkaline foods and water is the best thing you can do. But PH in pregnancy is an issue to address.

A lot of side effects are part and parcel of pregnancy. Heartburn, morning sickness, swollen feet, most people fail to understand they can be prevented. Lack of alkaline materials could be a reason behind it. A simple and logical answer is alkaline water. Research does showcase that PH levels of a woman would move acidic when pregnant. A growing baby needs alkaline materials that it gets from the body of a mother. Some major side effects that you can combat by drinking alkaline water are

Morning sickness

The main cause of morning sickness is a sudden shift in PH value of a woman. If you drink alkaline water body is going to have enough minerals for both mother and baby. To prevent morning sickness, body will not move to an acidic state suddenly. For morning sickness alkaline water is a preventable solution.

Swollen feet and hand

Most commonly it occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy and main reason is dehydration. During this juncture a woman should drink extra water to compensate for weight gain of a baby. Water retention occurs body is in a position to hold as much water as possible. Once again key has to be hydration.

Pain in lower back

A sign of dehydration and pressure of carrying a baby results in lower back pain. This is more common during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Via alkaline water that is loaded with calcium proves to be effective than tap water.

Indigestion along with heartburn

Pregnancy hormones are responsible to keep your acid levels out. This takes a toll on your stomach. If you drink water in between meals it prevents indigestion and heartburn. On consumption of alkaline water you can alleviate the pain.


Main reason for emergence of constipation is reduced intake of water. Drinking of alkaline water would help to flush out waste from the body.

Itchy and dry skin

Human body is incorporated with 70 % water and skin appears to be the largest organ in a human body. When you are pregnant skin stretches and if you do not hydrate skin it become itchy and dry.

Poor sleep

Another major side effect that showcases in case of would be mothers are lack of sleep. To drink alkaline water would provide you with a blissful sleep.

Low energy

As hormone levels get the better of you with lack of sleep fatigue creeps in during pregnancy. Drinking alkaline water pep up energy levels.

To conclude it is of utmost importance that you take care of your health along with that of the baby during pregnancy.

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Judith Cheryl
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