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Stem cell therapy is the future treatment for cardiovascular disease

cardiovascular disease

Although stem cell therapy has the ability to improve several medical conditions and treat many other diseases it seems that using it for the treatment of heart diseases would save many lives especially in the US. Year after year since 1919, cardiovascular disease has been responsible for the maximum number of deaths in the country. It is an amazing record no doubt but the growing threat can be combated effectively with stem cell therapy Dallas TX. Every half a minute an American dies of cardio vascular disease that includes coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, and hypertension. With high incidences of type-s diabetes and obesity problems, the risks of cardiovascular disease have gone up considerably.

How stem cell therapy can help

Cardiomyocytes which are cardiac muscle cells are weakened and finally killed as a result of cardio vascular disease that throttles supply of oxygen to the heart tissue. When this happens it triggers a series of adverse effects like –

  • Sudden increase in blood pressure and flow of blood.
  • Scar tissue is formed.
  • Good cardiac cells are over stretched in attempting to maintain the standard cardiac output.

The result is disastrous and often leads to death on account of heart failure. The remedy lies in restoring heart tissue that have been damaged by regeneration or repair that can be effectively done through stem cell therapy.

cardiovascular disease

  • Which type of stem cells to use?

There are two types of stem cells that are being researched for use in treating heart diseases. Adult stem cells obtained from the heart (cardiac stem cells) and embryonic stem cells are considered effective. In addition, endothelial progenitor cells and stem cells obtained from adult bone marrow like mesenchymal cells are considered to have potential benefits of regenerating heart tissue that has been damaged. The study on rat and mouse has been done and larger animals like pig have now been chosen.

  • Does it work?

The theory that has been explained above has some interesting results that corroborate the claim about stem cells being effective in treating heart diseases. Some small studies were carried out on patients with heart disease and awaiting open– heart surgery. Stem cells were injected into the heart tissue that has been injured or into the blood circulation. The result showed improved cardiac function and also formation of new pathways for blood flow. The finding is encouraging though not conclusive but indicates that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • More research is necessary

Stem cell therapy is an established procedure with evidence of results. The efficacy of approach and safety aspects needs much closer assessment for which research is going on. With growing interest in the new method of treatment the US government has paid serious attention to the ongoing research in the country that is overseen by an apex body IRB (Investigational Review Board). All procedures of stem cell therapy in Dallas, TX are carried out under the supervision of IRB only.

Going by the trend, the day may not be far when stem cell therapy can reverse the death rate arising from cardio vascular disease.

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