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Oral cancer – causes of oral cancer

Oral cancer is one of the most common types of cancer found in people across the world. Oral cancer could be the cancer cause on the lip, tongue, gum, floor of the mouth, palate, and mouth. The major risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco use in any form and excessive alcohol consumption. The primary prevention can be done by not using tobacco products and alcohol use, along with increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. With the primary prevention failure, the early detection of oral cancer through a screening process and comparatively inexpensive treatment helps in avoiding fatal situations.

The major causes of oral cancer are

  1. A) The tobacco usage in many different forms,
  2. B) Heavy consumption of alcohol,
  3. C) Infection with certain types of HPV
  4. D) Genetic
  5. E) Oral hygiene
  6. F) Poor nutrition

Tobacco usage

The risk factors vary from population to population, oral cancer is primarily found in poor individuals. Following a healthy diet, good oral hygiene, awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease along being sensible about the tobacco and alcohol usage are the important steps to follow to avoid the disease. Smokeless tobacco products include: chewing tobacco and snuff or powdered tobacco designed to be snorted.

Increased risk of oral precancerous lesions and oral cancer has been found even with the usage of smokeless tobacco usage in the form of betel quid and its substitutes, oral snuff.

Various researches and studies show that tobacco smoking, in any form, increases the risk of oral cancer in both men and women. And the risk factor depends on the duration and frequency of tobacco use.

Alcohol usage

Drinking alcoholic beverages in increased quantity risk the individuals’ six-folds and the deadly combination of alcohol and tobacco has a multiplicative effect on cancer risk.

Numerous studies and evidence indicate that an unhealthy diet can increase the risk of cancer in an individual. A healthy diet is essential to keep the body fit, and having mentioned that, high consumption of fruits and vegetables helps in reducing the risk of oral cancer.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

It is the group of viruses that affect the skin and cause the moistening of the membranes inside the body and caused by sexual contact with the person who is already infected. Certain type of HPV can cause cancer in the mouth.

Genetic factors

Certain genetic factors are also known as causing cancer. The risk of causing oral cancer, including mouth, neck and other head parts, is higher because of the defective inheritance of a particular form of the gene – polymorphism.

Oral hygiene

The chances of causing cancer due to long-standing wounds, broken teeth that cause persistent ulcers, wounds in the tongue are higher. Hence, it is very important to keep the mouth and teeth healthy.

If you feel any symptoms of oral cancer such as mouth sore that is not healing, persistent pain in the mouth, patches of thickened skin inside the cheek or gums, lump inside the cheek or neck, difficulty moving the jaw or chewing, the first step is to schedule an appointment for oral cancer screening. The experienced professionals at Raina Dental Care can help you with the proper diagnosis of all your oral concerns and offer you the best treatment.

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