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Migraine Headaches Vs. Regular Headaches


There is a world of differences between a headache, and an actual migraine attack. Let’s take a look at the two of these to differentiate them.

A headache can either be a very mild one in or can be really severe. It is annoying to have, and the pains can be all through the head, in one part of the head, and is often relieved by taking simple Ibuprofen, or Advil. It doesn’t usually have a lasting effect, as a migraine does in comparison. Another thing you should realize with a headache, is that they don’t make you vomit or have an extreme sensitivity to the lights.

Now on the other hand, a really sick headache may be another sign of a serious illness, and cannot be classified as a migraine. Causes for sick headaches include meningitis which is very serious, kidney problems of certain types, or brain pressure from fluid around the brain due to hydrocephalus.

Migraines are quite another story.The head pain can be to such a severe degree that you will want to wish you had died. You’ll be completely thrown off by a migraine and have a very nauseated stomach, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to lights. The pains with a migraine headache are often described as a throbbing, continual pounding, or stabbing pain. Other symptoms besides the unpleasant pain and vomiting, is diarrhea, and a coldness in your extremities.

With migraines, visual disturbances are also quite common. Many people see lights that are flashing in front of their face, and as a warning, will experience some major depressive symptoms and fatigue.

If you try taking any pain relievers for your migraine headache episodes, they will not do any good at all. The pain is beyond that of anything over the counter helping, and known to be relentless.

There are certain food types which, if you track it, cause you to have migraines. It may be certain types of nuts, drinking too many alcoholic beverages or any alcoholic drinks for some, and some of the dairy products. Keep a record of what you eat, and your migraine status, and perhaps you’ll be able to follow a pattern there.

The best treatments for migraines are to enclose yourself in a dark room, keeping out light. Excedrin Migraine also has been known to help many people that suffer these headache types. There are also a certain number of prescription medications that will help someone that has a chronic migraine problem.

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