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Methandienone side effects you should look for

Generally, most users can tolerate low levels of steroids. But anyway, with all steroids, some or the other side effects can be found. Since each user is different, the way he or she reacts to any particular steroid will also be different. Some may find it easier to gel with it while some may have systems that seem not to agree with it. That is why it is important to study a steroid and know more about it and find about all the symptoms it might have, so that you can use it well, effectively and responsibly. Methandienone is also such a steroid which is effective but comes with some side effects.

The working of Methandienone

There are many names of Methandienone and some popular names are Dianabol, Ganabol, Anabol, Danabol DS and more. While Methandienone is the chemical name, others are the brand names. It has a long history though having been launched in the 1960s and ever since, it continues to be popular just because it is effective and it provides what it claims.

Different counties have different rules regarding its usage. In Asia and even in South America, you may get to buy it from anywhere but in North America as well as Europe, you need to have a valid prescription to buy Methandienone from stores. The best benefits brought about by it are that it can build lean muscles and also enhance strength in a relatively shorter period of time. It is available in the form of oral tablets but since it has a tendency to bring down testosterone levels, it is used along with testosterone injections.

Generally used in the beginning of a cycle, Methandienone can also help overpass steroid cycles. The best way to avoid side effects is to use the cycle properly. Here is how you can go about it. Use 50 mg of Methandienone for the first two weeks and then for week 3 and 4, use 100 mg each day and then again for the 5th as well as 6th week, take 50 mg.

Also, using Arimidex along with it can be helpful to inhibit aromatase effects.

Side effects of Methandienone

One of the side effects and adverse reactions to look out for is gynecomastia in men which can lead to development of breasts in male users. Water retention can also be experienced by some users. These side effects are cause due to the aromatizing effect in which conversion to estrogen takes place. This side effect can be countered by use of inhibitors. The steroid can also bring about a rise in cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Thus, those who are already taking medications for the same or those who are prone to high blood pressure should not take the steroid. Stick to the lower doses and maintain the dose that has been recommended. In this way, you will not be prone to any side effects. Follow a healthy diet. Monitor your body’s reaction to find any adverse effects, so that you can take steps to prevent them.

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