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Iontophoresis machine

Iontophoresis machine

My testimonial about iontophoresis machine No Sweating.

I bought this device 3 months ago. Sweating hands was problem for a long time. I found this amazing and cheap sweating iontophoresis machine at www.no-sweating.com. Now my hands are dry and I am really very happy. It is really cool machine against excessive sweating of your hand or feet. You need to do only 1 procedure each day. Now I know the answer how to use iontophoresis machine and stop sweating hands or feet. No sweating iontophoresis machine is cheap and free worldwide shipping. Hyperhidrosis is very popular problem for many people but if you use this machine then you can treatment and forgot about sweaty palms, hands, feet. Easy to use, mobile – that’a also is about this device. Also they give warranty and money back guarantee. Don’t think about this purchase. Just make it and buy iontophoresis machine ‘No Sweating’. Also it is good for you feet.

Short instruction about this cool hyperhidrosis sweating device. Pour water into the both trays. Connect the cables to the trays and the machine. Red color to red and black color to black. Lower the left hand into the tray and then right hand. If this is your first time you may feel a slight tingling (it is normal) sensation however you quickly become accustomed to this after just a few sessions. Hold your hands for 10 minutes. After that, pull out the right hand and then the left one. Replace the cables on the trays to change the polarity. Red to black, Black to red Hold hands again for 10 minutes. Then you need to pull out the right hand and then the left one. The procedure is complete. You will be happy and have dry hands without sweating, you can shake hands and be happy with your life.

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