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How to Get Braces with All Kids in Illinois


Although most teens and pre-teens cringe at the thought of having braces, they all love the look of their new straight teeth at the end of the grueling process. Despite how awkward they feel for the years that they have the braces, kids pretty much always say they’re glad they went through the process. They gain more confidence with a nicer and newer smile, and this confidence can lead to them being treated better by themselves and the people around them. The sad thing is, not all kids have this opportunity, when it should be something that is available to every child no matter what. Most often the problem is that the child’s parents don’t have insurance that covers most of the cost of this expensive procedure, or they just don’t have health insurance for the child at all.

In the state of Illinois alone, there are about 300,000 children without any health insurance. That’s over a quarter of a million! Because their parents can’t afford to pay out of pocket for insurance provided by the private sector, these children can’t do something as simple as go to the doctor for a checkup, let alone get braces. Yes, this is a very sad statistic, but thankfully in Illinois there is a healthcare provider named All Kids that actually covers all of these things for families that can’t afford to do it themselves. With All Kids, children under the age of 18 that meet all the insurance requirements can gain the benefits of braces in just a few easy steps.


First off, parents must apply for their children to be insured by All Kids. An online application and any information needed can be found at allkids.com. After the parents have done this, the child must have an orthodontic appraisal. This must be done at an orthodontic provider that is certified by the State of Illinois, such as Orthodontic Experts, who will give All Kids insurance holders a free consultation to determine whether or not they qualify to have their braces paid for. There is some paperwork to be filled out (which Orthodontic Experts help with) and there is a small chance some people won’t be qualified for free braces, but it is all well worth it in the end. If a child qualifies for braces paid for by All Kids, they can then move on with the procedure, at little or no cost to their parents, with help from Orthodontic Experts along the way.

There really is no better way for parents to go that don’t have enough income to pay a private company for insurance. Through the All Kids program children are finally given equal opportunities to improve their appearance and their health, which is a vital aspect of attaining success and being motivated in school. So, if you or someone you know has children that are uninsured in Illinois, get signed up! All Kids truly does their best to help you in any medical situation, regardless of immigration status or medical condition. So, when your teenager starts to whine and complain about having to wear “stupid, nasty, ugly braces,” remember to thank everybody at All Kids and Orthodontic Experts for the fun you’re having.

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