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Histrionic Personality Disorder – All you need to know on its symptoms and treatment

Histrionic Personality

If you’re someone who hasn’t heard about histrionic personality disorder, then you need to know that it is the sort of disorder which is characterized by suggestibility, emotional overreaction and attention-seeking. A person who has got this condition will always over-dramatize even a simple situation and this might spoil relations and can also lead to depression. It is one among the group of conditions known as Cluster B or ‘dramatic personality disorder’. Such people have unstable emotions and self-images that are even distorted.

The people who suffer from histrionic personality disorder usually relies on other’s approval for their self-esteem and they don’t tend to have any strong feeling of self-worth. This specific disorder is more common among women than men. Read on the concerns of this article to get an HPD overview.

The most common symptoms of histrionic personality disorder

In few cases, people who have been suffering from histrionic personality disorder might have had perfect social skills but they usually use these skills to manipulate others in order to feel like the center of the universe. Here are the common symptoms:

  • Feel uneasy unless she is in the center of everyone’s attention
  • Dress inappropriately in order to seduce others or display flirtatious behavior
  • Give dramatic reactions as if she is performing in front of a big audience
  • Easily influenced by people and be gullible
  • Too much concerned about their physical appearance and the way they look
  • Rapid shift of emotions
  • Not thinking twice before reacting
  • Excessively sentimental towards disapproval and criticism
  • Low tolerance of frustration and bored of everyday routine
  • Making hurried decisions
  • Have difficulty in maintaining relations
  • Rarely concerned about others and overtly self-centred
  • In order to gain attention, they can even attempt for suicide

How is HPD treated?

Generally, people who suffer from HPD don’t believe that they have any sort of disorder. Thereafter, they start feeling bored with their daily routine and this makes it tough for them to follow a definite treatment plan. They might get cured in case depression or the loss of some loved one is the main cause behind all her actions. Psychotherapy is a sort of counseling which is the best choice for people with histrionic personality disorder. The person can cover the fear and motivation which are related to her behavior. This positively helps the person.

Hence, in case you know someone who is suffering from HPD, you should immediately seek help of a professional who is an expert in solving such cases.

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