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Helping a Friend to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of those habits that are very hard to give up no matter how hard one tries. However, it is possible to quit smoking once and for and never look back, though finding the motivation to make the effort and go through the withdrawal period prevents many people from actually getting around to quitting. If you smoked in the past you’d know well just how difficult it can be to quit, so if you know of someone now who’d like to quit but is worried about trying, why not give them a hand?


It’s often the case that many people would like to quit smoking but don’t have the support that they need to do it, so if you’re willing to help someone else quit the habit, the following tips are for you.

E-Cigs – A Healthier Choice

As many smokers now know well, e-cigs are a much healthier choice than tobacco and many people have used them as a means of quitting smoking while still enjoying the feeling of nicotine. Vaping, the act of using an e-cig, is very popular these days and getting started is getting easier all the time.

All you need is an electronic cigarette and an e-liquid which is available in many flavours. A good way to get started is with a starter kit as this contains both e-cig and e-liquid as well as chargers and replacement parts. This is a great gift for someone who’s going to quit.

Exercise – Cleanse the System

Getting some fresh air and mild exercise is seen as a very good way to relieve withdrawal symptoms, plus it helps many people to take their mind off smoking and perhaps even get back into playing sports. Walking with your friend who’s trying to quit and inviting them to exercise with you is a great way to help them give up the habit and it’s okay to vape while you walk and talk too,

Be There When They Need You

This is the big one, the big favour that you’ll be doing your friend as what most people find they need when they try to quit is the support that only a true friend can give. By being there when your friend needs to talk about how they feel or tell someone that they thought about smoking but didn’t, you’ll be helping them build the confidence they need to quit smoking and never look back.

If you were a smoker once, you can probably remember the confidence that you were given when someone praised your efforts to quit and told you how well you were doing.

These are three things that you can do to help a friend or family member quit smoking once and for all. Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking and they’ve been used with great results by many people who’ve quit the habit, exercise is excellent as it helps relieve withdrawal symptoms and by being there when they need you, you’ll be providing the support they need to quit.

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