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Get Rid of Your Health Woes by Floating

Flotation therapy is one way to find relaxation and comfort. This type of therapy is also good for the soul. Spending an hour in a float tank can rid you of pain and reduce the stress in your life. To understand the amenities associated with this therapy, you have to learn more about it.

What Is Flotation Therapy?

Flotation therapy uses a flotation tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank, to reinvigorate people mentally, physically, and spiritually. The treatments also go by the acronym of REST, or restricted environmental stimulation. The therapy has been used to treat lower back pain, addictions, or conditions that result from anxiety or stress.

How a Tank Is Used

The tank that is used is soundproof and dark; the water is sterile and heated to a temperature of about 34 degrees Celsius. The tank is filled with Epsom salt, which permits effortless floating. A session takes about 60 minutes and allows a person to reach a state of meditation.

The tank is filled with about 15 to 30 centimetres of water. Once you enter the tank, all you have to do is lie face up and float. During the experience, you will feel entirely weightless. Because people are exposed to a number of stimuli throughout the day, a number of health issues can emerge. That is why floating is an ideal antidote.

A Journey for the Mind

Whilst it may seem a bit surreal, lying in a float tank in Wangara is an experience that you will come to love. Closing your eyes will enable you to relax even more. It does not take much time to savour this type of journey.

The more you take part in this therapy, the better the experience. When you are floating, your brain waves slow. They create patterns known as theta waves. Usually, these waves occur before you fall asleep. Floaters often experience creative thoughts and insights during the floating experience.

A Variety of People Can Benefit From the Therapy

Whilst floating may not suit everyone’s whims, most people like the relaxation they experience as well as the mental and spiritual transformation that comes from the therapy. Therefore, people of varying backgrounds and ages like flotation therapy.

However, flotation therapy is not advised for anyone who has an infectious disease, has an open wound, or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Epileptics whose condition is not medically controlled should not undertake this type of therapy.

Pregnant women, though, are good candidates for flotation therapy. As their bodies get heavier, the floating proves to be a welcome rest. In addition, the Epsom salt in the tank is good for the hair and skin. People report that their skin feels softer after a therapy session.

If you want to reduce stress and feel more relaxed, you cannot bypass the benefits of this supportive therapy.

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