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Facts About Spinal Conditions

Spinal Conditions

The spine contains tens of bones known as vertebrae that support and protect your spinal nerves and cord. Several injuries and conditions can affect your spine, damaging the vertebrae. Consequently, you experience pain and limited mobility. Everyone experiences back pain at some point in their lives, irrespective of fitness level, age or athletic ability. The back pain can be due to a simple muscular bruising or strain after a fall. Unfortunately, it could also be due to medical spine disorders. The back pains can be caused by a cervical spine injury or a disease.

Spine Disease Causes

Spine disorders can result from an array of causes. However, some spine conditions don’t have known causes. But, some of the common causes of spine disorders include falls or accidents, inflammation, inherited diseases, and congenital disorders. You may have to visit a spine center Jacksonville fl for treatment if you have a spine disorder. The other causes of spine disorders include infection, degenerative wear, and tear and traumatic or minor injuries.

Risk Factors

You also need to know about the risk factors for spine disorders. Some of the factors that increase the risk of developing a spine disorder include poor posture, obesity or excess weight, overuse from occupational movement and repetitive strenuous activities. You can avoid these risk factors if you want to prevent spine disorders. Other risk factors include lifestyle and nutrition habits, improper lifting techniques and conditions, such as thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Spine Disorder Signs

The symptoms of spinal disorders often differ, depending on the specific spine disorder. The signs also affect various body parts, depending on the affected part of the spinal cord or spine. Some common symptoms to look out for include stiffness, nausea, bowel or bladder dysfunction and numbness and weakness in your legs or arms.

Consult with a spine specialist if you notice any of the symptoms described above. It’s best to visit a spine center for effective and safe treatment. The center offers treatment methods personalized to the spinal condition.

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