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Factors That Can Put Your Heart In Danger

Are you sure that you do not have any heart disease? Maybe it’s not apparent, but you could still be at risk. Yes, you read that right. Certain signs in your body may be indicating that you are at an unknown risk of having an underlying heart disease. Even though you may be following a heart-healthy diet, there are some other preventions that you should take. It is essential that you take care of every aspect of your health and beware of the signs of hidden risks. Here are some of the hidden risk factors that show that your heart could be in danger.

Belly Fat

Excess fat deposited around your middle portion is a sign that your heart may be in danger. Keep a check on your waistline not just for the sake of fashion but also for health and fitness. Check out HotOzCoupons to have the discounts on the fitness products and fashion accessories. Excess fat and body weight are a matter of concern, but an increasing waistline directly has a connection with your heart. Moreover, some people have subcutaneous fat and visceral fat deposits under the skin which is generally not seen from outside. These kinds of fat accumulation are associated with heart diseases. The more the visceral fat in the body, the higher the risk you may be facing. Exercise well to get rid of belly fat and keep your heart healthy. The best kind of workout for visceral fat is high-intensity interval training which involves a combination of high-intensity activity and low-intensity activity in alternative periods. You can use the treadmill to run at about high intensity for one minute and low intensity for the next 3 minutes. Such combinations are great for burning visceral fat.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction in men is entirely normal and can happen to just about anybody. It can be cured temporarily with medications and usually has nothing to freak out about. But in some cases, erectile dysfunction may point at something graver lying deep within. People with heart disease, obesity and diabetes generally have erectile dysfunction. The onset of this disease may indicate at the build-up of fat deposits in the arteries of the body. Erectile dysfunction should not be hidden in the closet as it is a serious matter about your health. You need to check if it is a temporary issue, a common age-related issue or there is an underlying heart condition deep within. Help yourself and get consulted by a doctor immediately.

Gum inflammation

Gum inflammation may not only an oral problem but also have its roots deep down at your heart. Bleeding gums or inflamed gums are often thought to be just an oral problem, but it is an indication that your body really needs attention somewhere else. Periodontitis or gum inflammation disease is an inflammatory condition which is an essential indicator of heart disease. Such infections cause inflammation in the body, and the gum is just one of those inflamed areas.

Anger and Depression

It has also been seen that depression leads on to heart diseases in many patients. They are at a higher risk of having a heart attack than people who are happy and blissful. The cause is not known clearly, but it is believed that stress due to depression and hypertension, lack of energy and motivation to work and adopting unhealthy living habits can severely affect the heart. At the same time, anger is a serious issue and uncontrolled anger issues may be a sign that your heart is at severe risk. It makes the blood vessels constrict, increases stress and blood pressure even further and can trigger a heart attack in case you have a severe heart problem. Channelize your stress, anger and depression or seek psychological help to live a healthy life both mentally and physically.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is known as a silent killer often because it is the most significant indicator of things that are wrong in your body. Many people do not know about their high blood pressure conditions or ignore them for years. High blood pressure is directly linked to heart conditions and a rise in the blood pressure indicates a risk at present or in future. Women who have gestational high blood pressure during their pregnancy are also at risk of heart diseases later in life. Never ignore if you have high blood pressure problems and get yourself diagnosed by your doctor to learn about the changes happening in your body. High blood pressure cannot be cured, but you can surely keep it in control with medication and a few lifestyle changes.

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