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Essential Services of Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary care is a medical specialty that focuses on disease prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment. Primary care providers understand the needs of each individual and develop a healthy relationship with patients for better health care. The main goal of primary care Upper East Side is to personalize medical care based on your unique needs to promote your overall health. Primary care doctors base your treatment on family history and community factors. Your physician involves you in each treatment step to ensure you understand your condition for effective treatment. Primary care offers a variety of services to patients, including:

Preventive services

Providing prevention services is one of the vital services offered by primary care doctors. The doctors teach you various ways to prevent diseases or infections. The main disease prevention measures are proper hygiene, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoiding drug abuse. Primary care providers can offer vaccinations for highly infectious diseases for prevention purposes and give immunizations to infants.

Correct disease diagnosis

Your doctor can determine your medical condition through symptoms and physical exams. Sometimes diseases present similar symptoms, so your specialist can recommend further tests for correct diagnosis. Tests like X-rays, CT scans, blood screening, urine and stool tests, and MRIs can give detailed information about your illness. Proper diagnosis helps your doctor identify your problem’s root cause for effective treatment.

Care for chronic conditions

Your primary care doctor helps you manage your chronic conditions to improve your symptoms and prevent further complications. The primary chronic diseases include diabetes, stroke, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, and cancer. Your primary doctor monitors your illness through regular checkups, ensures you take medications appropriately, and guides you on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Regular checkups

Regular checkups can help your doctor detect conditions not showing symptoms for early treatment. They are also essential to help manage any underlying disease. As you get older, you are at a higher risk of developing various illnesses. The common screenings are blood sugar levels, pulse rate, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure tests. Your primary care physician can base your tests on your family medical history.

Provide recommendations to specialists

Your primary care doctor might detect a condition that needs more attention from a specialist. The doctor will refer you to a reliable specialist for better care and effective treatment. Cancer, kidney failure, heart conditions, and stroke are some issues that need a specialist’s attention. Your primary care physician will work closely with your specialist to monitor and manage your condition.

Attends to acute conditions

Your primary care doctor is the first healthcare provider you will visit if you experience any acute condition. Acute conditions are problems or injuries that appear suddenly and do not cause long-term effects on your health. Primary care doctors attend to sudden injuries like ankle sprains, cuts, headaches, allergies, or mild infections like the flu. If your condition worsens, your doctor can refer you to a specialist for further evaluation.

Primary care promotes physical and mental health through preventing, diagnosing, and treating various medical issues. Schedule an appointment at East Side Primary Medical Care for primary care services to improve your overall health.

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