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Butt Augmentation Options: Injections or Implants

People unhappy with the shape of their bodies usually workout and diet to try to change the way they look. However, there are some body areas which are hard to enhance or reduce by diet and exercise alone, including the buttocks. If you want to change how your derriére looks, you can choose one of these butt augmentation methods.

Butt Augmentation Options

Body Fat Injections

This method, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, of butt augmentation uses body fat injections and involves removing fat from certain areas of your body and then injecting it into your buttocks. The body fat is usually removed from areas where there is excessive fat, including the flanks, stomach, thighs, and lower back.

The fat is removed through liposuction of the chosen area. Once it has been removed, it is purified before transferred into the buttocks. The buttocks may also undergo liposuction to help contour or shape the area before the fat injections begin. Normally, there are several injections to transfer the fat into the buttocks, which are done at different depths to help the body absorb it.

Butt Implants

The second method for butt augmentation is to place implants in the buttocks to reshape it or make it larger. When the surgery is performed, the doctor will make an incision over the tailbone, located between each butt cheek. The muscle in each buttock is lifted, and a pocket is created so the implants can be inserted.

The implants used for butt augmentation are made from solid silicone, but they are soft and pliable so they can be correctly placed. When they are implanted, the implants are adjusted into place before the incision is sewn up. Buttock augmentation is a popular procedure among women, but some men with flat bottoms often have it done as well.

Recovery Times

The recovery for body fat injections is quicker than it is for butt implantation surgery, which can take about a week if you have a sit-down job. After the injection procedure, there will be swelling, but you can wear a special garment which helps to control it for a couple of weeks. It takes about three weeks for a full recovery after the fat injections, and then most patients can return to their usual activities.

The recovery period for butt implantation surgery is longer, and most patients will experience more pain than those who’ve had fat injections. Most patients can move about two to three days after surgery, and they can resume their normal activities after about four weeks. There is usually no swelling with the surgery, but as with any other procedure including fat injections, there is always the chance of post-op infections. Also, there can be slippage of the implants and improper placement.

There are many benefits to having butt augmentation done, including having clothes fit better and patients having more confidence in their bodies after recovering from the procedure. If you’re considering butt augmentation, you should consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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