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Bolstering Your Business with a Mobile Healthcare Solution

Mobile Healthcare

Over the past several years, commerce has been steadily shifting towards the digital landscape, which has caused many businesses to rework their budgetary approaches. As a result, today’s businesses spend countless pounds on SEO tactics and online marketing initiatives in an effort to keep up with the times and boost revenues, which makes perfect sense when considering the fact that over 8.6 billion mobile devices are in use worldwide. However, this newfound focus on e-commerce and web-based expenditures has caused even the most budget-conscious business owners to forget about a distinctly troublesome problem in this day and age: employee absenteeism.

The financial ramifications of incessant nonattendance are starting to weigh heavily on businesses in Ireland and elsewhere, as evidenced by the fact that sick days cost Irish businesses more than 1.5 billion pounds on an annual basis. But this figure becomes even more alarming when taking into account the per-employee expenditure of repetitive skiving, which adds up to almost 1000 pounds per worker per year. However, the worst aspect of this distressing rise in absenteeism is the fact that most of these absences are due to self-proclaimed “minor illnesses” that inexplicably cause workers to miss an average of six workdays per year.

Fortunately, you can put a stop to this rampant growth in absenteeism by establishing an account with a reputable mobile healthcare provider.

How Does Mobile Healthcare Work?

Providing a better assortment of employee health benefits for your workforce will immediately reduce the number of unnecessary sick days you have to deal with, which is exactly what mobile healthcare is all about. Thus, if you create an account with an established mobile healthcare provider, you’ll gain access to a mobile app and Internet portal that provides your workforce with an easily accessible network of reputable physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals. Your employees will be able to instantaneously connect with doctors through a secure video platform, which essentially negates the need for time-consuming visits to the doctor’s office or medical centre.

Even though an online solution doesn’t quite measure up to an in-person appointment with a doctor, it’s still an incredible resource for viable treatment plans, diagnoses, and nuanced health advice from Irish registered general practitioners.

An Integrated System

Opting for a mobile healthcare solution will also allow you to maintain an intuitive database of employee information without the hassle of excessive paperwork and personnel files. From basic health information and independent medical histories to documented conditions, prescriptions, and test results, each employee will have his or her own patient profile uploaded to the database. To boot, the information can be accessed with the simple push of a button on a 24/7 basis, which means that patients can update and augment their profiles with ease.

Best of all, locational hindrances are rendered moot because patients can access helpful recommendations and advice from anywhere in the world. The individual can simply log onto the database through a smartphone, tablet, or computer and request a video appointment with a trustworthy registered physician. Simply stated, your employees will no longer have to go out of their way to obtain expert medical care because professional assistance will always be within arm’s reach.

Eliminating the scourge of continuous absenteeism just got a whole lot easier!

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