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Acne Scars: What’s the Best Treatment?

Acne Scars

Acne scars are often the outcome of inflammatory acne lesions. It occurs once an inflamed pore swells. Following that, the pore wall starts to degrade. Based on the size of the acne lesion, some leave superficial scars that heal quickly.

In certain cases, the contents of the blemishes might leak into the tissue surrounding them. This results in significant scarring. To heal the scar, the skin reacts by producing new collagen fibers. Fortunately, there are acne scar treatments in Singapore that can help reduce the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

What Are The Many Forms Of Acne Scars?

Acne scarring often forms more than one acne scar type. Those who only have one acne scar type, like an ice pick or boxcar scars, are very unusual. To varying degrees, all of these disorders may be effectively treated.

Acne scars are classified into four types:


An ice pick tool’s shaft is wide at the beginning and narrows as it reaches the tip. Icepick acne scars, like the instrument, feature a broad aperture at the top that narrows to a point as it further penetrates into your skin. This scar type is common. It is also one of the hardest to heal. Furthermore, icepick acne scars are most often present on the top forehead and cheeks.


Rolling acne scars are more common around the jawline and lower cheekbones, where you have thicker skin. The skin would seem uneven and wavy generally. It’s because of the indents’ sloping borders.


Boxcar acne scars are those with sharper edge indents. The edges penetrate the flesh deeply. This scar type is often observed on the lower cheekbones and jaw.


Scar tissue lesions protrude from the skin in hypertrophic acne scars. They’re caused by fibrous tissue expansion in the acne lesion’s formation region. Scarring may be sensitive, painful, or irritating. Furthermore, they’re often visible on the shoulders, jawline, chest, and back.

What Factors Contribute To Acne Scarring?

Scars form while the body tries to repair the acne. Scarring is determined by how the body responds to a wound. Collagen is created throughout the process of healing. When there’s an excess of collagen, raised scars appear. Tissue loss causes other scarring types. As a consequence, the skin develops pits or indentations.

Why Is Early Intervention Critical?

The longer the acne is treated, the more likely scarring will occur. Furthermore, the severity of the scars is determined by the acne lesions’ depth and the amount of collagen generated.

Other causes, like smoking and squeezing and picking the pimples, might aggravate scarring. As a result, early action is advised to avoid the formation of new acne scars.

What Is The Key To Removing Acne Scars?

It is not unusual for individuals to waste money on over-the-counter medicines and do-it-yourself home cures in the hopes of curing their scars, only to be disappointed with the outcomes. If you’re weary of being let down by other acne scar treatments in Singapore, it is time to seek expert assistance. Our experts have decades of expertise in treating acne marks and acne in a broad range of patients in Singapore.

Our acne scar treatments are still one of our signature procedures for restoring your confidence and complexion. We’ve evolved our acne marks treatment procedures and tactics over the years to get considerably more successful, with less pain and downtime for our patients.

Singapore Acne Scar Procedure


Rejuran, dubbed “The Healer,” includes the infusion of Polynucleotides or salmon-derived DNA proteins. Its application to your skin has two major effects: enhanced mechanical support and cellular regeneration for cells.

Regular Rejuran usage, like adding bricks and cement to a partly broken home, promotes ideal skin structure and health.

The highest results are obtained after three straight monthly procedures, with maintenance at intervals of three to six months.

CO2 Laser Fractional

The Fractional CO2 laser is the golden standard for enhancing skin texture, aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. It’s especially appropriate for depressed acne scars with a 1.5mm depth in the skin. The collagen creation process of the skin is activated utilizing laser beams delivered with exceptional accuracy to target regions to expedite healing and enhance the look of acne blemishes.

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