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A Complete Guide to Dentures


Do you think dentures are artificial teeth that will ruin your smile and make food chewing challenging? Today I am going to change your beliefs about dentures completely. Indeed, we always consider dentures objects that our grandfathers and grandmothers frequently use. Dentures have other applicants too. Children and teenagers who lose a prominent tooth should use dentures to prevent dental drift since they are not old enough for dental implant surgery.

How to Clean Dentures

According to a dentist applying dentures in Scarborough, a set of artificial teeth may seem easier to clean. Why should I clean my dentures regularly? They do not have a root canal and will never get decayed. But I’m afraid that’s not right; poor denture hygiene will create stains on the dentures and change their color over long periods. Needless to say that it will give you bad breath and gum illnesses.

 If you are using a partial denture, it can harm the other teeth around the denture. So you should remove and wash the denture after each meal and brush it with a soft toothbrush daily. Never try to whiten your dentures at home by methods you find on the internet. It will seriously damage the denture structure. It is good to know that whitening toothpaste is not allowed to clean your denture.

Different Kinds of Dentures and Their Usage

Different types of dentures exist in the market. It is good to know more information to decide which is better for you. There are complete, partial, flexible, and temporary dentures. Complete dentures are suitable options for those who have lost all their upper or lower jaw teeth. As the name is conforming, partial dentures will fill the gap of one or more lost teeth. Temporary dentures can be put in your mouth immediately after you remove your teeth, and they will help you to eat food until the prominent denture is ready and will be recommended to patients with sensitive gums. So there is no need to take impressions for temporary dentures. Flexible dentures are a new type of partial dentures; they are more comfortable since no metal is used in their structures.

Advantages of Dentures

Dentures are improved in quality and appearance in the recent decade. They will give a youthful and natural look and cost less than expensive dental services like dental implants or bridges. They prevent the jawbone under the lost teeth from being ruined and dental drifts. Dentures will improve your overall oral health and speech ability. Dentures will have no noticeable limitation in biting and chewing foods. Also, avoiding eating hard foods that may break your teeth is good. If you want to use dentures, ask your dentist for more instructions and information based on your oral condition and budget.

Final Words

The importance of dentures in smile makeovers and oral hygiene cannot be underestimated. Many people use dentures, claiming that dentures help them take their everyday life back and make the dental care process more effortless. Against some other dental procedures, The procedure of getting dentures is painless and comfortable.

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