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5 Tips To Manage Diabetes


Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects many people worldwide and occurs when your body does not produce enough insulin or does not use insulin correctly. While diabetes is prevalent, it doesn’t make managing it any less of a challenge. Fortunately, Kyle Scarborough MD can help you learn how to manage your diabetes and keep it under control. Here are tips to help you manage diabetes;

1. Maintain a balanced diet

If you have diabetes, you know how much what you eat may affect your blood sugar levels. However, there are no restricted foods. You should limit your food intake to only what your body requires. Consume a diet rich in plant foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Pick low- or no-fat versions of dairy products and lean cuts of meat. Restrict your intake of high-sugar and high-fat meals. Keep in mind that the body converts carbs into sugar, so limit your consumption of these foods. Maintain a reasonably consistent routine with your eating habits from meal to meal. This is of utmost importance if you use insulin or any other medication to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

2. Exercise regularly

It’s high time you get moving if you haven’t already. Neither cross-training nor a gym membership is necessary. Do something active like going for a stroll or riding your bike. You should aim to engage in physical exercise seven days a week for at least 30 minutes at a time. Reducing your blood sugar with exercise is one way to keep your diabetes under control. You’ll have less of a possibility of developing heart problems as a result. In addition, it facilitates stress reduction and weight loss.

3. Go for regular checkups

The recommended frequency of medical visits is twice yearly. Diabetes increases the risk of developing heart disease. Therefore, know your cholesterol, blood pressure, and A1c readings (average blood sugar over three months). In addition, you should have a complete eye checkup once a year. Also, see a podiatrist to test more severe conditions, including nerve damage and ulcers.

4. Reduce stress

Your blood sugar levels rise when you are stressed. Anxiety might make it challenging to keep your diabetes under control. It’s easy to let good habits like working out, eating healthily, and taking your medications slip into your mind. Take deep breaths, do yoga, or engage in calming activities to reduce stress levels.

5. Limit your alcohol intake

It may be simpler to regulate your blood sugar if you do not drink too much wine, beer, and liquor. So if you want to drink, limit it. The American Diabetes Association states that women who consume alcohol should have no more than one drink daily, and males should have no more than two. Alcohol might cause your blood sugar to go too high or too low. Monitor your blood sugar before you drink, and prevent low blood sugar. If you use insulin or take medicines for your diabetes, eat while you are drinking. Some beverages — like wine coolers — may be higher in carbohydrates, so consider this when you measure carbs.

If you have diabetes, exercise regularly, limit alcohol intake, eat a healthy diet and go for your checkups to manage your condition. Call Family Life Medical to book an appointment to learn how to manage diabetes.

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