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5 Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Detox

Medical Detox

Medical detox is often the beginning of the addiction recovery journey. To successfully go through the rehab and recovery process, an individual must eliminate all traces of drugs and other addictive substances, which often happen in detox. You should, however, note that during detox, you may experience physical and psychological discomfort and withdrawal symptoms that could potentially be life-threatening. So, before enrolling in a medical detox center, you should ask questions and seek clarifications on what to expect. Below are the commonly asked questions.

Why Is Medical Detox a Safer Option?

While most people try to detox themselves at home, it is not safe in any way. This is because of several factors. When you detox a home, there is easy access to drugs that can tempt setbacks and make the process inactive. Detoxing at home also means remaining in familiar surroundings with people who can trigger substance use and abuse. Work or home situations can be stressors that may hinder treatment. There is no treatment or addressing of potential co-occurring disorders or diseases which can make the detox process fatal in the long run. Medical detox becomes safer as the patient is under the supervision of specialists and doctors with skills and relevant experience.

What Types of Medication Is the Patient Given?

You should note that doctors and other healthcare providers use several types of prescribed medication during the detox and addiction treatment process. However, the medication and treatment can vary depending on the nature of the addiction and the patient’s health status. The medications used also differ depending on the drug or substances the patient is detoxing from. The patient undergoes an initial test to determine the type of drug or substance used and the severity of the addiction before the detox process.

How Long Does Medical Detox Last?

The whole medical detoxification process takes time and can last from days to weeks or even several months. This is because of the various factors involved in the process, including the patient’s health status and well-being. The withdrawal symptoms can also elongate the process, especially if they have life-threatening effects on the patient. The type of substances the patient used, the frequency of the substance use, and the underlying health conditions can also affect the duration of medical detox.

Does Insurance Cover Medical Detox?

Several detox facilities accept insurance cover, but not everyone qualifies. Some detox facilities will offer their services for free, especially those at the community level or are non-profits. You should note that your insurance coverage for a medical detox to a larger extent will depend on the policy bought and the insurer. It is, however, paramount to get in touch with your insurer to ascertain whether medical detox cover is part of the plan or not. This is vital as it will allow you to create an effective financial plan or look for help.

What Happens After the Detox Process Is Complete?

It is never certain when the detox process will be complete, as it can go for weeks or even months. You should, however, note that the withdrawal symptoms you experience in the first days or weeks after detox will soon give way to a sense of mental clarity and physical balance. This is a free experience that will also help you take further steps into the rehabilitation and addiction recovery process. in most cases, the detox process is the highway to the recovery process and not the treatment you need. When you visit https://www.gallusdetox.com/, you will understand and get guidance on what happens next after the detox process.

While medical detox is an essential part of your addiction recovery mission, it is vital that you understand what it entails. When you ask questions and seek clarifications, understanding the relevance of medical detox becomes helpful in the long run. The above questions are among the many that you seek answers to about medical detox.

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