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Top 6 interesting ways to give fruits to babies

Babies just want to nibble chocolates and candies. But that makes them prone to cavities. They are in their growing years and so need a lot of nutrition. Fruits are the ideal super foods that must be given to your babies. However, babies and even toddlers really are notorious and you have a hard time convincing them to have fruits.

Note: Mother’s milk is very vital for babies during the first 6 months. So please take care not to introduce these foods during this period. For mothers who are having difficulty feeding their babies due to latching issues, they can use Medela pump in style advanced electric pump to extract milk.

But these are some interesting ways to hide fruits in some yummy recipes:

1) Juices and shakes

Juices like sugar cane juice, grape fruit juice and even mix fruit juice are delicious and tempting in colours. You can put some umbrella or curvy straws. Also shakes like strawberry shake and banana shakes are a cool way of giving milk and fruits together. Liquids are easier to be given and take a very short time to be gulped in.

2) Custard

The various flavours available like butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and even tuty fruity are so lip smacking. Cutting fruits in interesting shapes makes it look all the more attractive. Also this is loved by kids while it’s super easy to make. And it can be stored for a day or two. But the custard powder is not a good ingredient if taken in large amounts, hence try making a flowy custard with a lot of full crème milk.

3) Fruit sticks

They look great and with you interesting phrases will be a great breakfast. Cut fruits in some nice dices or scoop the pulp out and put them in tooth pick. For making it healthier keep a honey dip. Take a fruit stick and dip it in honey. You can even add some nuts to the sticks.

4) Jellies and jams

Jellies and jams made at home during the season of the fruit is a great way to let your babies have them without knowing it. They can be stored for long. They can be used for making sandwiches or mixed in crème to make nice dips. The mix fruit jam and crème dip is the best thing to have for a healthy breakfast.

5) Ice creams

Ice creams are the last rescue. This is for summer season because kids easily catch cold. You just need to pulp out the fruits and mix them in milk or make a crush and freeze them with sticks. For making the ice cream more attractive and desirable add some caramelised sugar crunchy bits.

Ice creams like avocado – kiwi ice cream, strawberry ice cream and even mango ice cream are great when they are home made. You can even make vanilla ice cream using natural vanilla beans. Chocolate ice cream made with dark chocolate or white chocolate are healthier options than using coco powder.

6) Tarts and pies

The apple pie or the craneberry tart is the best way to give your little ones some fruity snacks. Also you can make Apple cinnamon rolls or can also make mixed berry tarts. Add a dressing of fresh whipped crème to give them a cup cake look.

These are some ways to make your babies have the hale and hearty fruits. Also it is important that you tell your babies about the good things fruits do to you. In the end it is the best to have fruits naturally and in the real form. Cooking methods are also very important when it comes to keeping the nutrients intact. Throwing away the fruit peels and over cooking or adding unnecessary artificial colouring agents would do more harm than not having fruits at all!! So cultivate fruit eating habits in your babies starting with these ideas. Share your ideas with us in the comments section!!

The Good Taste of Going Gluten Free

Gluten-free food options are becoming more readily available as more and more people try to limit the amount of gluten they consume. Some people have celiac disease and cannot tolerate even small amounts of gluten in their diet. But many many others are intolerant or simply don’t like the way gluten makes them feel. As we generally start to take more care in what we eat, shopping for organic or what were previously labelled “health” foods, more and more specialty shops are sourcing better tasting products. At the best gluten free shops in Fort Myers, for example, truly delicious gluten free breads and other types of foods are favorites even with those who tolerate glutens well.

So what is Gluten?

According the Celiac Disease Foundation, gluten is “a general name for the proteins found in wheat (wheatberries, durum, emmer, semolina, spelt, farina, farro, graham, KAMUT® khorasan wheat and einkorn), rye, barley and triticale – a cross between wheat and rye. Gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together. Gluten can be found in many types of foods, even ones that would not be expected”. Until recently, glutens were pervasive in cereals, breads and many processed foods.

Sourcing Gluten-free Alternatives

Gluten free breads and baked goods don’t have the best reputation for taste. Many are dense in texture and taste stodgy on the tongue. But that is changing as talented cooks and bakers are experimenting with gluten free flours such as rice, amaranth and tapioca. And many foods are naturally gluten free – pretty much all fruit, vegetables, meats and fish – so it becomes a question of seeking these foods in unprocessed form, without added glutens.

Best Gluten Free Food Shops in Fort Myers

Word gets around fast when foodies trade tips about gluten free food so check local bloggers such as Gluten free Liz who posts regularly about new shops and products in the Fort Myers area. Posting queries on platforms such as and may lead to additional delicious discoveries. And here are some bricks and mortar storefront options:

Pizza Fusion is a small pizzeria chain dedicated to supporting sustainable farming and responsible food manufacture. Their Fort Myers and other Florida locations offer gluten free pizza and other menu items. They also host a blog and “Fusion Club” that shares information about gluten free products and other news.

The Skinny Pantry on the Tamiani Trail in Fort Myers is another great source of information and stocks the newest gluten free products, including dressings and sauces for the home cook.

Finally, Ada’s Market not only sells gluten free products and supplies, they host regular sampling and tastings. They also have an extensive healthy foods (including gluten free baking) recipes collection available on their website.

Preparing food, baking and eating gluten free used to take a ton of work. No more. With just a bit of research and asking around, a wealth of good-tasting gluten free options is easy to access and enjoy.


The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Plant Proteins

Whether you’re an athlete, regular gym goer or a stay-at-home mom who likes to be fit, protein is an essential part of the diet. Health advice is not very difficult to come by and most people around you will have some nuggets or tips about food that according to them will turn you into a demigod.

If you’re an athlete, more than less likely you have a fitness coach who gives you sound advice about the right food sources for your quintessential protein supplement. But what about those who don’t have a coach or trainer, for them it gets difficult to sift through the mindless cornucopia of babbling advices about which protein sources are best. Most often plant based proteins and equivalent supplements are overlooked for their meaty counterparts. While a well-balanced diet including animal based proteins helps, plants can be a holistic source. This article uncovers some of the lousy advice about plant based proteins.


“Only meat-based protein can give complete protein nutrition”

While much research has gone into proving the above point, most famously first in the 1971 book “Diet for a Small Planet” by Frances Moore Lappe, no satisfactory evidence has been documented. Of the 22 amino acids the human body requires, 9 can’t be manufactured by the body and thus need to be consumed from external sources .The proteins available in plant based foods can build the required amino acids for the body. Take legumes and lentils for example, 1 cup of lentils provide 18 gms of protein which is as much as six full egg whites. All forms of protein contain all protein forming amino acids. So if you eat a nutrient rich diet full of lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds and veggies you automatically intake the ingredients required to give you complete nutrition.

“You’ll become pale and weak on a plant based diet”

Most people feel that a plant based diet could make you lose not only weight but muscle mass. Imagine a 500lb Bison with muscles pouring out of its shoulders and large horns (just for effect). He didn’t get that big and bulky on chicken wings. Plant based diets are cleaner and an easily digestible source of protein. The body requires protein and doesn’t really differentiate between animal based or plant based sources. With easily digestible sources the body has less work to do to convert them into the required amino acids which means more energy through the day, an upbeat mood and faster muscle growth without damaging other organs. Kidneys, liver and pancreas are the organs that suffer the most when digesting animal based proteins which also turn into causes for cancer. The reasons for muscle loss can be various like not enough protein intake, emotional and physical stress causing unhealthy sleep habits and less than required food intake causing muscle atrophy which is also next on our list of bad advices

 “It’s impossible to fulfil the daily protein requirement on a plant based diet”

There are only a couple of reasons why someone may not be able to complete their daily protein intake 1) Eating junk food that does not contain enough protein or 2) Consuming healthy food but not consuming enough quantity to fulfil their daily need. According to the National Health Service (NHS) UK , the total amount of calories required for maintaining muscle mass and body weight is about 2500 calories a day for males and about 2000 calories a day for females which is easily consumable with either 3 large meals or 5 smaller portions a day. The challenge is with consuming foods that are rich in protein. The daily consumption should contain 10 -20% of protein which is also easily achievable with a plant based diet. Another way to measure the amount of protein required is to calculate it as “total body weight” = “total grams of protein” i.e.  1kg = 1gm.It is difficult to meet the requirement for people who consume only salads since the intake is not varied enough and most times it is not sufficient. Daily intake should contain a range of nutritional foods like legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables in good quantity.

Today there is a range of plant-based protein powders that will help you get the protein intake you need from plants! Still doubting? Go through these 4 Myths About Plant-Based Proteins.

“Plant based diets are high in carbohydrates”

You’ve likely been advised at some point in your health centric lifestyle that potatoes are bad carbohydrates, especially if you’re planning on losing weight. While some part of that advice is true, building it into a stereotype and painting the entire plant based diet with the same brush is incorrect.

There are bad and good carbohydrates. Bad carbohydrates are foods like sodas, chocolates, pies and cakes which are simple carbohydrates that the body dissolves quickly. These carbohydrates are the cause of high sugar levels that cause lethargy, diabetes, heart diseases etc. Good carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates derived from sources like whole oat meal, corn, and fruits etc which take longer for the body to dissolve and thus become a source of sustainable consistent energy. While proteins are the essential building blocks for muscle, skin, bone, hair and even nails, we need carbohydrates to run the energy supply for the day. Good carbohydrates are also high in naturally occurring fibre, which helps lower not only blood sugar and insulin levels but also LDL bad cholesterol.

Potatoes are complex carbohydrates although dissolve in the body as simple carbohydrates thus the misconceptions. While some quantity is good, a large amount can be harmful however ‘baked potato’ is always better than ‘French fries’.

Gastric Bypass Diet

The Complete Gastric Bypass Diet Guide

When you make the decision to take control of your life and weight and undergo a gastric bypass (also known as a stomach bypass) surgery, there are many factors that you will need to consider in the process. One of these many factors is the diet that you will need to maintain immediately after your surgery is complete as well as for the rest of your life as you make the commitment to getting and staying healthy with the help of your gastric bypass procedure. Get to know more about your gastric bypass diet and be sure that you are doing the best you can to get and stay healthy after your surgery right here in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Gastric Bypass Diet

Right After Surgery

Immediately after your gastric bypass surgery and into the first week of the recovery process, you will be on an extremely restrictive diet. This means that at first you will be on an all clear liquid diet. This means water, tea, broth, and clear juices will be the mainstay of your diet. The clear liquid diet allows your incisions and your stomach to heal without irritating them with solid food. You will also be able to incorporate nonfat milk and sugar-free Jell-o into your diet during this first week.

Second and Third Weeks

The second week after surgery is when you can begin to add more variety to your diet. During these two weeks, you will be able to eat pureed food and protein shakes. The protein shakes are designed to help ensure that you get balanced nutrition in spite of the fact that you will not be able to consume meat or other traditional sources of protein during these two weeks. This is still a very restrictive diet and is mainly meant to introduce more protein into the diet in pureed forms like protein shakes and pureed egg whites.

Fourth and Fifth Weeks

Once a month has passed after your surgery, you can finally begin to incorporate soft foods back into your diets. You still want to avoid starchy foods, as wells as fats and sugars as much as possible. Lean proteins as well as soft fruits (low in sugar) and vegetables will be your mainstays. Low fat cottage cheese, egg whites, tofu, avocados, bananas, and cooked carrots are examples of foods that can be eaten during these two weeks after surgery.

Sixth Week and Beyond

Finally, after 6 weeks of liquids, purees, and soft foods, you can start to eat regular solid foods again. Of course, if you want to remain healthy, you will want to avoid foods that are difficult to digest like beef, and stay away from refined grains and sugars. Because your stomach volume is so much smaller than it once was, you will also want to be sure to eat very small meals more frequently to avoid stomach upset and negative results.

Now that you have a better idea of the gastric bypass diet, you can be prepared for after your surgery and be sure that you take the best care of your body and health going forward.

Food and Exercise

How to Balance Food and Exercise in Right Way?

Food that you eat is something that will provide you with lots of nutrition. But what matters is your food should be nutritious and healthy. In the times when everyone is asking for good food, if you can find something really good online then you should go ahead with that. If you are looking for some of the best options in life then you have to understand that sometimes natural method would work for you. But your doctor might prescribe Steroids and so you have to be a bit careful.

Food is really vital for life

In a proper time if you have made a schedule about the proper foods then you will come up with a variety of options. This would create a basic scene. If you want to try hard then there can be some more options for you. But sometimes you become a bit careless and that will really be an apt thing in your mind.

The very first thing that you need to understand is if you are fine with all the new options then that can create a basic scene. If you really are fine with things like good quality health supplements then that will help you stay healthy forever. But whatever new thing you try, you should first consult the healthcare practitioner.

Food and Exercise

How to eat food rightly?

Some people have a habit to quickly eat food. Thus they do not chew properly. This can be very bad for health. But if you want to stay healthy and fit then you should chew food for a long time till it gets properly assimilated with the saliva. Also, enough of water is vital for life. Some people never understand the importance of liquids in life. For them, the major thing is, try to include as many fluids as possible in life. This will really help. You should never start any Steroids on your own. Just be aware of this fact.

Exercise is also important

Some people take things very lightly and for them it would be bad that they just do not stay physically active. But this can really create issues for life. A sedentary life can make many problems for people. It is therefore important that you try staying in the best form. It is important to make a chart or schedule and based on that, things can be planned. If you have never tried something like this, then you will really have basic issues in making the points clear.

In the times when everyone wants to be fit, you should try hard to make a perfect schedule and you have to follow that very strictly. Sometimes, we do not follow such rules and regulations and that will really create many issues. If you really are in sync with the main options then there would be some more ideas in your mind. It is really good to stay keen on new things. If you want a perfect deal then make sure that you are in sync with the basic options of life.